In the Daily Telegraph’s tim Blair’s original, brief little reference to Sarah Palin’s expensive speech to “tea party” conservatives the other day, he noticeably refused to acknowledge the controversy – of which he must have been aware – regarding her writing her talking points (yes, her talking points, all three of them) on her hand. I thought that a little odd, given tim’s regular mockery of Obama for, like every other President for many years, using a teleprompter, you might expect that it would get a mention for the sake of consistency, or at least making a flimsy excuse for it – but nothing.

Until this morning. Palin’s tried to deflect the criticism of her hypocrisy (mocking Obama’s use of notes while using them herself) and her stupidity (she needed a reminder that her talking points were energy, taxes and “reassure Americans”?), by making a joke out of it, writing “Hi Mom” on her hand. The wingnuts are choosing to believe that this witty rejoinder somehow undoes the damage, and NOW tim feels he can mention it.

Oddly enough, he still hasn’t felt up to talking about Obama’s decimation of the House Republicans the other week. You know – the one where he was slaughtering them so badly, off the cuff, that Fox News had to cut away.

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