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Piers Akerman

Feb 19, 2010

Yesterday’s article by Piers Akerman, mentioned here by us, prompted a lot of comments at the Daily Telegraph’s site. As he often does, to his credit, Piers took part in the thread and engaged with his readers. However, not all of the interactions covered the Tele’s star blogger and columnist in glory. In fact I think that all that needs to be said about the following exchange can be summed up in two words.

Picture 4.pngStay Classy.

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11 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. david

    Akerman has been missing for over a week, from his blog, since the story broke of his allegedly putting words in a certain professors mouth over climate change, how strange, how sudden. But I’m sure he will have a juicy excuse, as always.

  2. BigMick

    What do we really expect from Piers? {We’ll remove that sentence, but note that the allegations you mention are covered, with citations, at Wikipedia; note that Akerman has described the Wikipedia page as containing “grossly inaccurate content” – Tobby} Notice how he always attacks labour governments, whether they are in power or not. Is that what we want from a reporter? Piers, it must piss you off that you didn’t get invited to some dinner Kevin Rudd hosted 4000 years ago, but come on mate, get over it, and stop acting like a spoilt child. You are in a unique position to really make a difference with your column, instead you use it mainly, not always, to push your own personal opinions and agenda. Piers, the daily telegraph say’s that you are the most respected reporter. How did they reach that conclusion? Just once I want to read your articles and not hear Kevin Rudd or Labour mentioned. Get over it already! And before you jump to conclusions i am a swinging voter. Good Luck.

  3. Daniel

    Somebody contact Sarah Palin immediately!

  4. podrick

    fred don’t feel left out, you are in esteemed company. I think you will find that most regular posters from PP have at some time been barred, left out or abused in Akerland. It is most likely to happen if you present some undisputable facts or argument that negate the point of Piers postulations. To Bolt’s credit he does seem to let a lot more opposing comments through, even some posts that attack him personally.

  5. fred p

    Well, let’s face it: if you dare to disagree with the never-wrong Piers, you are asking for it, aren’t you?

    Apparently, my attempt to comment at Piers’ “poor me” thread got lost in the deluge as it never made it to the page. It was basically just a brief statement of my incredulity that, despite having been correctly called on misquoting Houghton in the course of an attempt to discredit him, Piers still managed to perceive himself as the victim.

    Slightly OT but that’s another thing – if you are going to just disappear some people’s attempted comments because they show you in a negative light or are critical in any way, why let any of them through at all? I wasn’t abusive in my comment.

  6. monkeywrench

    Akerman tosses that insult out quite regularly in various forms; often he just calls people stupid. But what’s the use of a normally-functioning intellect if you do nothing with it but lie and obfuscate?

  7. confessions

    It’s a very offensive statement, firstly because intellectual disability doesn’t necessarily preclude someone from reading something, and secondly from understanding what they’ve read. Why are these tabloid columnists so ignorant? Is it because they spend all their time locked away in their plush news ltd offices that they’ve lost touch with the real world?

  8. Dewgong

    Don’t be too hard on Piers, he is still having difficulty locating Co2 in the atmosphere which according to him “Can’t be found”.

  9. sneakers

    I’m gonna have to hit the treadmill tonight after eating all the popcorn this little scoop has generated.

  10. ShaunHC

    I guess it’s pretty hard to write such misleading garbage if you have people who check what you originally wrote.

  11. monkeywrench

    He’s in a world of his own, that one.
    Why is it that Akerman and Bolt are so humourless? The rage seems to drip out of them like leachate from a landfill site.