Let’s kick off another week with a thread for discussing anything that doesn’t fit the topic of other posts.

The Australian delivers a healthy dose of Mad Monday to offset a solid column from MegaGeorge. Among the silliness:

  • In his typical incoherent cryptic and verbose style, David Burchell explains how the whole Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle thing is just a reenactment of a play by Moliere, and we’re all walking a line between prurience and prudery. Or something.
  • The Australian‘s Little-Man-at-Large, Glenn Milne, uses what sounds a pretty jovial comment by an unnamed Minister as evidence to explain how Kevin Rudd is unpopular and could be toppled by Julia Gillard at any moment. Things Milne fails to address in his column include the following: (i) “all this premature talk” about Rudd being replaced by Gillard only seems to be happening in the commentary from conservative hacks, and (ii) if being popular and not treating people with contempt are truly essential to success, it’s very hard to tell why Glenn Milne still has regular columns in major media outlets.
  • Bjorn Lomborg gets another run telling us that even if climate change is a real problem, we shouldn’t bother doing anything about it. In making the argument he draws on what I think is a fatally flawed analogy, claiming that “even though everyone agrees that a successful terrorist attack is unacceptable, there is a limit to how much we are willing to spend to keep ourselves safe”. I think it would be hard to find examples where a government has said no to anti-terrorism measures because of cost. But beyond that point, a lot of Lomborg’s claims about the impact of climate change appear to be shaky, as documented at Climate Progress.

Finally, in a “non-core to the core” update (as noted by DeanL in the weekend thread):

When he lost office and his seat at the last election, John Howard assured us he would be a very quiet prime minister and not offering running commentary on contemporary political events. Here’s his latest commentary.

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