In the comments of an earlier post was this request from Ross Sharp.

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I’d like to think that we at Pure Poison are nothing, if not receptive to the needs of our readers, as such I’d like to present for you, Pure Poison’s Wingnut Bingo.

The rules of the game are simple, Firstly, download the custom made, fully randomised set of Pure Poison Wingnut Bingo cards and distribute them amongst your friends members of your lefty commune. Each one of the subjects in the bingo card boxes are designed to get any right-minded person frothing at the mouth with outrage.


Secondly, each player needs to select an article from a different trollumnist. Luckily, each major news outlet in Australia seems to publish at least one of these creatures a couple of times a week, so players should have no trouble finding a suitable article.

When the convenor of the game says ‘Go’, every player begins reading their article, crossing off the terms found on their bingo card as they go. The first player to get five crosses in a row, in any direction and yell out ‘What is it with the Left and being humourless?’ is declared the winner.

For a variation on this game, have each player listen to a talk radio station from a major metropolitan market between 7am and midday and upon getting five crosses text or tweet “Why won’t the government do anything about it?” to all of the other players.

When a winner is declared in either form of the game, players should take a moment to reflect on the fact that a wingnut somewhere has been whipped into a frenzy of fear and loathing, and has possibly had their brain explode with rage, in the time it took for you to play the game. Also worth reflecting on is the fact that this game can be played so easily, that these same themes are repeated so broadly and so frequently within our apparently left wing media.

Alternatively, if any of you are considering starting careers as opinion page writers you can use these bingo cards as a handy template to assist you in deciding who to demonise. It seems to be a working formula for plenty of the opinionistas in work today, mock outrage, feigned indignation and someone to blame. If it wasn’t such an indictment of our traditional media, the trollumnists’ formulaic drivel would be hilarious.

Download your wingnut bingo cards here.

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