At this site we say a lot about the rubbish that gets written in our media. We often dismiss The Australian (with the notable exception of contributors like MegaGeorge) as tired, agenda-driven and more concerned with the partisan horse race than genuine analysis. Which is why I feel the need to say this:

Read Peter van Onselen’s column on asylum seekers. I’m not quoting any of it. Read the whole thing. It’s very good.

(Thanks to reader Dave Gaukroger.)

UPDATE: Another column worth reading, this one brought to my attention by Kedgie:

We should not, and must not, apologise for treating the world’s most disadvantaged people with compassion. And don’t forget that it is never illegal for a person to enter our country – via land or sea – in search of freedom from persecution. In fact, it’s our responsibility as a stable, wealthy land.

If we are going to have a debate, let’s debate facts, not the fear-based fantasy.

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