Following that leaked video of a US helicopter gunner opening fire (with a 30mm cannon) on people milling around a Baghdad street in 2007… and then on a van that came to rescue them… comes a demand. A powerful demand for change:

Let’s see if these Fairfax papers print a correction

Yesterday I noted how Wikileaks had distributed a video showing wicked US troops in Iraq killing two Reuters journalists – without informing viewers that they were among a band of terrorists, some carrying AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, who were in the middle of a firefight.

Today, though, both The Age and Sydney Morning Herald not only swallow the already-discredited lie, but publish an extraordinary hagiography of the man who spread the smear…

“Terrorists”? “In the middle of a firefight”?

That video, again (from 4:41 is the point where they first start shooting):

Holding guns in Baghdad doesn’t make someone a “terrorist”, and milling around a street doesn’t equal “being in the middle of a firefight”.

The lengths to which the apologists for the war in Iraq have gone to try to muddy the waters around this video — once the US military finally failed in its two-and-a-half year suppression of it – have been extraordinary. It took them the better part of a week to cobble together some kind of response – which is hardly a surprise given how clear the video makes the incident – but now they’ve fixed on the spin they’re going to use, and they’ve decided to go on the attack. The military (the same military that worked so hard to bury the video) says they were terrorists! The military says there was a firefight going on somewhere in the vicinity! Ignore what the video shows, just believe the people who didn’t want you to see it in the first place!

A “correction” for relaying the contents of the video, indeed. I suspect Andrew will be waiting a long time for that.

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