It’s time to kick off another week. The most exciting news I’ve encountered this morning is that I’ll soon be able to buy three new books by my favourite writer – after he’s been dead for a century and all.

After last week decrying the “grubby, low-rent, low-road” approach of Labor and their alleged accomplice, Laurie Oakes, the esteemed Glenn Milne has devoted this week’s column to calling Kevin Rudd names and spreading rumours about Labor infighting as they jockey for the leadership. Here’s something to keep you occupied while you read his column: first, count how many times he asserts something about how a Labor politician has behaved in private, or what a politician thinks; then, count how many times Milne quotes or even refers to a source for any of those assertions.

In Canberra, the House of Representatives will be sitting this week while the Senate has kicked off the Budget Estimates process this morning. Links to the webcasts and podcasts are on the Parliament House site.

And finally, tonight’s line-up on the ABC looks promising. Four Corners examines allegations that a company part-owned by the Reserve Bank has made corrupt payments to secure overseas contracts for our polymer banknote technology, while Q&A has an MP-free line-up: Peter Carey, Lionel Shriver, John Ralston Saul, Marcia Langton and Malcolm Fraser.

Have at it.

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