It’s time to kick off the weekend, with speculation all over the place that tomorrow Julia Gillard will call the election for August 28. If she doesn’t, then we should get a respite for the next week, with the Governor-General set to the country over the weekend.

A few bits and pieces to kick off the thread. The first is to note that Professor Joshua Gans has returned to the vexed topic of public urinal behaviour. We’ve noted before that Gerard Henderson has taken it upon himself to criticise Gans and his colleague Andrew Leigh (now also the ALP candidate for Fraser), and I’ve enjoyed the lulz as Gerard completely misinterpreted Gans’s posting of an xkcd comic as an indication that he has engaged in “urinal research”. Gerard took another swipe at Gans in Media Watch Dog a couple of weeks ago; Gans’s Hendo-baiting response is brilliant, and I only hope Gerard has time to accommodate it in today’s issue of his zine.

In other news, the campaign ad of Alabama congressional hopeful Rick Barber, which Andrew Bolt described as “effective”, helped him to secure a loss (with 40% of the vote) in the Republican runoff election. Maybe calls to impeachment and the simpler times of armed revolution aren’t so appealing after all, even in the Republican Party primaries. But it’s not all bad news for Bolt — do you remember the other guy whose ad Bolt liked? Well he came last out of the three in the original race, but the guy he endorsed in the runoff ended up winning. Here’s the endorsement ad:


TV line-ups are over the fold.

Sunday’s Insiders (courtesy of Mike Bowers) has Barrie Cassidy interviewing Barnaby Joyce (NB: Mike Bowers confirms that this has been changed to Tony Burke), the panel consists of Lenore Taylor, Dennis Atkins and Micael Stutchbury, and Talking Pictures will have Chris Taylor talking about the Chaser’s new show for this campaign season, “Yes We Canberra”.

Thanks to Mark Croxford, we have full line-ups for the other Sunday shows on free and pay TV. Meet the Press has Hugh Riminton, Fran Kelly and John Stanley with Nicola Roxon and Galaxy Research’s David Briggs. The Oakes interview is with Wayne Swan, or if you have Sky News you could check out the new Australian Agenda show at 8:30, which doesn’t appear to have guest information yet but will involve a panel of The Australian‘s best and brightest — do yourself a favour and get some Sunday morning Shanahahas into you.

Have at it.

UPDATE: Tonight’s Lateline (at 10:35) has Tony Burke and Christopher Pyne.

UPDATE #2: Gah – I messed up and listed last week’s info from Mark Croxford. All fixed now — also note that there has been a change to the Insiders line-up.

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