Andrew Bolt gives the (so-called) Climate Sceptics some help with their fundraising. Meanwhile, the party sets out the details of their position on climate change in a response to the Australian Christian Lobby’s survey (hat-tip to Bernard Keane):

  • We believe that the scientific evidence clearly shows that we cannot expect carbon dioxide emissions to significantly warm the world. There is strong proof that the world experienced both higher temperatures and higher rates of warming prior to the post WWII industrialisation and experiments prove that the warming effect of each additional part per million of carbon dioxide dramatically diminishes as the total concentration increases.
  • However, increased concentrations of carbon dioxide do have the scientifically proven benefit of accelerating plant growth and therefore food production.
  • Therefore the best thing we can do for poor countries is emit as much carbon dioxide as possible to help increase crop yields and reduce starvation.

It’s like they’ve taken the adaptation argument and thrown out the bit about the downsides. And aside from the fact that their language is pretty unsceptical, their uncited “scientific proof” for the BURN BABY BURN policy seems questionable — see evidence-based rebuttals on point one (pre-WWII warming and CO2 saturation) and points two and three.



And the latest Arctic sea ice update:


Ice age data show that back in the 1970s and 1980s, old ice drifting into the Beaufort Sea would generally survive the summer melt season. However, the old, thick ice that moved into this region is now beginning to melt out, which could further deplete the Arctic’s remaining store of old, thick ice. The loss of thick ice has been implicated as a major cause of the very low September sea ice minima observed in recent years.

P.S. Thumbs up to the person who managed to include the phrase “the CDP remains agnostic” in the Christian Democratic Party’s response to the climate change survey question.

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