For someone who only last week declared “It shouldn’t need saying, but I do not have a Twitter account” the Herald Sun’s resident social media expert, Andrew Bolt, seems to have developed quite a fascination with Twitter.

Yesterday, a tweet from Marieke Hardy provided an excuse for Bolt to roll out a collection of her perceived sins from the past six years. Today his target is comedian Daniel Burt, who seems to have made the list of people Bolta dislikes primarily because he’s Catherine Deveny’s writing partner, or as Bolta might put it, part of:

..the Marieke Hardy/Catherine Deveny barbarian collective


Really? There’s a collective now? Do they have a theme song, or would a chant be more appropriate for barbarians? Amazingly enough, Bolt’s continuing descent into self parody with his barbarism meme isn’t what strikes me as the funniest thing about today’s piece of fauxrage.

The tweet that Bolt felt the need to highlight today, August 10th, was sent on July 27th, two weeks ago. So what? So, I can’t stop imagining Andrew Bolt in a darkened room, his face lit only by a CRT screen in front of him, (because it uses more electricity than an LCD – take that greenies) searching the internet for evidence of crimes against decency that have been committed by the people on his hand written list of enemies, which has gradually been growing since he began writing it in 1972. Perhaps yesterday was his day for tracking Burt? After all, you’d need a well planned rotation system to make sure that no-one was missed, and so he stumbled across a two week old message from a service whose entire focus is on real-time messaging. Eureka! Barbarism Patrol is go! Post written, now on to Philip Noyce…

That a journalist who seems to fancy himself as an opinion maker in the national political realm appears to be trawling the internet in search of things he finds objectionable is astounding, if perhaps a little bit pathetic. It’s the type of behaviour that belongs to the unemployed, unkempt, semiliterate blogger stereotype from 2003, where everyone you disagreed with on the internet needed to be publicly shamed for any perceived failures.

Who will be the next member of the Marieke Hardy/Catherine Deveny barbarian collective? Tune in for the next episode, same batty time, same batty channel.

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