You know that I don’t have a huge amount of regard for this particular News Ltd columnist, but even I couldn’t have anticipated this attack on our aid to Pakistan:

If they spent less on bombs and more on levees…

That’s Andrew Bolt, there, seemingly suggesting that if a country has a military budget of some size, its people somehow deserve whatever nature hands out.

Just think about what that headline is saying. It’s repugnant.

The Herald Sun’s Compassion Ambassador is responding to this story revealing that (gasp) some Australian aid to Pakistan “is being distributed at a camp funded by a banned Pakistani terrorist organisation”. Food aid, to be precise. Of which the Australian contribution is “containers of cooking oil”.

Isn’t it unbearable to think that we could be feeding these people? I mean, when they stay at a camp that gets some funding from people linked to terrorists. It must be stopped!

That’s right, camps affiliated with terrorists are getting to hand out our aid to displaced Pakistanis. Pakistani children are eating, in a place which has some affiliation with terrorists, food that is cooked with OUR cooking oil, rather than starving to death for daring to seek shelter from bad people.

Naturally, such feeding of the hungry in non-ideal circumstances is outrageous, scandalous, repugnant. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. So Bolt justifies our slow humanitarian response and seeks to discourage our contributing aid to UN programs:

And Pakistan wonders why donations from the West are slow…

More proof that the UN can’t be trusted with our cash, either.

Clearly, we should wait until the world’s aid distribution networks are perfect before we lift a finger. If innocent Pakistanis dying for our callousness is the price we have to pay to make sure that that food never goes near a camp connected with terrorists, then I’m sure most patriotic Australians are prepared to pay it. Bolt’s commenters certainly appear to be.

I mean, seriously – somebody is objecting to the paltry amount of aid we are actually sending to the Pakistani people because some of the camps providing shelter don’t have the purest of funding? Really?

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