A quick follow-up to yesterday’s post by Tobias on the Grog-gate “outing”. James Massola has written and had published by News a justification piece in which he spitefully raises the stakes:

Jericho blogged as a hobby outside work hours. But he sent literally hundreds of partisan political tweets out, during work hours, many of which were ad hominem attacks on the side of politics he did not agree with.

Is this, of itself, inexcusable? No. But nor is it appropriate. Jericho’s decision to “live blog” the Media 140 conference (was it a sick day, a day in lieu, annual leave, did he clear it with his supervisor?) made my mind up.

Massola is a professional, full-time journalist for one of the country’s largest media organisations. If he’s going to make such implicit allegations regarding Jericho’s work performance, surely he should talk with the subject first, and publish his response? Now, applying the journalistic approach James has just apparently demonstrated, I’m not going to bother asking him* what steps he actually took to do so. Instead, I’m just going to speculate on his competence in parentheses (is he too lazy to try to contact the man he’s busy assassinating, a man he apparently has communicated with in the past; or does he not want to give him an opportunity to contradict the story before it’s even published; or did he in fact actually contact him and get some kind of response but lacked the professionalism to mention that in his piece so readers knew that even a basic level of due diligence had been carried out?) and then unconvincingly clarify that I’m not alleging anything, I’m just asking questions suggested by his writing.

For the record, Jericho reveals:

for the record I took a day’s annual leave to attend media140

I suspect, but taking a leaf out of Massola’s book won’t bother checking, that Grog would’ve been happy to clear this up for the News Ltd bloke if he’d actually asked.

*Actually, I’m a wuss – I did actually do the right thing and send Massola an email asking for a comment. None was received. But let’s for the sake of making the point pretend I didn’t.

ELSEWHERE: I reckon this sort of conduct is akin to bullying, and it’s quite disingenuous for someone like James Massola to put the issue as “Does he have the courage to put his name to his observations and continue writing?” – because unlike people such as Grog, Massola’s a journalist and there is no potential conflict between his writing and his job. He won’t have to explain to his family why they can’t eat that month because he expressed a political opinion. It’s the sanctimony of the immune.

ELSEWHERE #2: Similarly to my advice to James Massola above, Christian Kerr might consider shooting through an email first if he’s going to publish unfounded allegations of hypocrisy about me. And unforgivably use my shunned first name while doing so.

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