No, not really. How about “News Ltd publishes balanced story about the ABC”. No? Gosh, tough crowd. Come on, it’s funny because it’s sad.

Two fairly unsubtle efforts this weekend:

And again, no disclaimers on either piece like “News Ltd is in vigorous competition with the ABC in a number of areas” – which conflict of interest, since it’s not obvious to all their readers that, despite News not running its own free-to-air TV channel, they have commercial interests in damaging the ABC, would not be an unreasonable point to make clear.

ELSEWHERE: Pure Poison publishes positive story about News Ltd.

Sigh. No, seriously, I’d love there to be one that could be written.

UPDATE: Charlie links in the comments to a ninemsn story clarifying that the claim was about all journalists, not just those at the ABC. Revisiting the News article, they’ve done an opaque and unacknowledged correction, now pretending it always said “Party mad Aussie journos risking arrest, claims 7.30 Report journalist Tim Palmer” (despite the unchanged URL).

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