I gave Fairfax some stick the other day for publishing Barney Zwartz’s uncritical publicising of wacky “miracle” claims by the Catch The Fire fanatics – and they also deserve it for publishing Morag Zwartz’s equally inane and bizarre whinge about a Victorian tourism campaign that uses a gospel song whilst, to her easily-shocked mind, apparently advocating debauchery in Daylesford – but at least those weren’t headline stories.

This is what News.com.au is leading with at the moment:


The story just repeats astrologers’ nonsense with the same authority they’d give someone who actually had some credibility. The “journalist” doesn’t ask her source on what basis he makes his frankly moronic claims, or call him out on the most vacuous ones (“Some newlyweds will get married, go on their honeymoons and probably get pregnant that first night” – well, duh, that’s the case for every wedding): she just repeats them uncritically.

Imagine if this was after the paywall goes up, and you’d actually paid for it.

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