More from the ABC just repeating Liberal Party press releases desk:

Mining tax may be unconstitutional

…LNP Senator George Brandis has confirmed the advice with the chief executive officer of the Australian Government Solicitor, Ian Govey.

“The Australian Government Solicitor advised the Australian Government that there was a risk that the RSPT was unconstitutional,” he said.

How? Why? On what basis? Seriously, if you’re going to report this as news, could you make some effort to explain in what way the RSPT “may be unconstitutional”? Otherwise this story is nothing more than vacuous name-calling. Obviously the Coalition wants the bad word “unconstitutional” associated with an ALP policy, but it’s not your job just to repeat their epithets – it’s to inform your readers. And this article only does the former.

If I were a professional journalist (rather than an amateur hack), before writing such a story I would’ve checked the released advice as to on what basis it suggested the RSPT could be unconstitutional. If I couldn’t understand it, I’d have asked a constitutional lawyer. If I was too lazy to do that, I’d have at least asked Brandis on what basis he claimed it was unconstitutional. And I’d have put that in my article before sending it to be published.

Sure, it would’ve taken another hour, but then my work would’ve had some actual value.

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