Andrew Bolt on the shoe-throwing distraction in last night’s Q&A:

In this case, the audience’s cry of “get out!” and its applause of Howard’s grace suggest the shoeless wonder managed to discredit only himself.

The headline to that post?

Shoeless idiot demonstrates failures of the Left

Well, Andy, no – as you’ve conceded – he doesn’t. He demonstrates the failure of that guy and that guy only.

But why simply let this unelected random citizen “discredit only himself” when you can extrapolate from his silliness to attack and smear anyone who shares his concern about the Iraq War but who doesn’t express it so stupidly?

Then again – haven’t I read you complaining about people judging conservatives by the fringe-nutters in the US Tea Party movement? Why does that principle not apply to your opponents?

PS I also like the way when Bolt quotes The Australian‘s account of the Hicks video, he skips the bits where Hicks asks the specific question that Howard failed to answer.

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