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Oct 29, 2010

Weekend talk thread – October 29 – 31

Shall we have a new open thread for the weekend? This weekend I imagine that all of you will be flying in to

Shall we have a new open thread for the weekend?

This weekend I imagine that all of you will be flying in to Albury for the Show, but if not, you can use this thread to discuss anything you like (except for tractors, which must be discussed here)..



59 thoughts on “Weekend talk thread – October 29 – 31

  1. dam buster of Preston

    oh no..

    poor MTR still sitting on the bottom with 6000 listeners.

    MTR program director and breakfast host Steve Price said the station intends to have fixed its scratchy signal by the start of next year, when it will launch a major advertising campaign.

    “We have a significant amount of money in the marketing budget,” said Price, “and we’ll probably have a combination of [TV, newspaper and billboard] advertising. But there’s no point advertising on TV until we’ve improved the signal in the [northern and western] suburbs.”

    A poor tradesman always blames his tools. In this case the tools are in the studio.

  2. confessions


    I imagine these details will be quietly and quickly ignored.

  3. SHV

    MofC, Jeff Sharlet has a new book out “C Street”, haven’t read it yet but if it as well-rearched and written as “The Family” it should be a very interesting read.

  4. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    According AirPhotosLive 215,000 people attended the rally, as opposed to 87,000 for the Beck rally. As Pedro was here last time (and if it was someone else, I apologise) claiming that the numbers were all wrong as they were comissioned by “failing TV station” perhaps he’ll either a) admit he was wrong or b) claim the Stewart rally numbers are too low as well, because consistency is important.

    Who am I kidding? We know he’ll c) the numbers have been inflated by a HUGE LEFTIST CONSPIRACY!

  5. Matthew of Canberra

    cf @54

    Thanks for that link – I’m going to be grinning for a while.

    I won’t pick a favorite. It’s a tough competition. 🙂

  6. confessions

    100 Best signs of the sanity rally. I like No. 26. No. 27 looks eerily like the gravatar of a certain commenter here.

  7. Vix

    Matthew of Canberra @45:
    As soon as this odd tiny bit of news hit the stands, as it were, I have to say: I thought precisely along the same lines. Hmmm….Poor Oby under huge pressure from the Tea Party nutters in the mid-terms etc. Well, that was my take on it, anyway.

    And thanks to fractious for your risposte to whoever Ross Sharp is: myself, I live in the bush too. Have heard the likes of ‘Mr Sharp’ screeching in the local paper and everywhere else in the last ten years or so….. many farmers (who do, indeed, indirectly feed the rest of us) are not like the likes of him. Thank the Lawd!

  8. Matthew of Canberra

    Oh – and today’s “on the media” is interesting. It’s about attack ads and money in electoral results.

    I have to admit – I’ve never quite understood the point of personal attack ads. Ok, LIES, they could swing a vote. But smearing somebody on the basis of actual positions surely only works if the viewer already disagrees with it. I’ve come to the conclusion that shouters still only have one vote. They can shout, but the only people who’ll listen are people who already agree. But it DOES energize those people – and that seems to matter in the US (or, at least, everyone thinks it does).

    And the story about spending v outcomes is interesting.

    “Can Money Buy Elections? No.”

  9. Matthew of Canberra


    “I also note that many in the wingnuttosphere are asking ‘how many were there?!’”

    I have to admit I’m curious too, but the estimates are few and far between. I doubt we’ll ever really know. It’s definitely going to be very important to the beck crowd after their post-rally slapdown. There was much crowing about the rally a couple of weeks ago. I think this one is going to be argued quite intensively. I just want to see a couple of good pictures side by side. Yes, I have bought in 🙂

    “Amazing how people miss the forest because they are too busy looking at trees.”

    I agree. Whatever they thought privately, the protagonists really did steer clear of the whole “mine’s bigger than yours” argument. The mythbusters guys chucked out the 150k estimate (Adam’s a big “sceptic movement” participant, btw. Jamie’s less extroverted, I think). The one reason it matters is that it validates the event to people who weren’t there. It means that normal people can realise they’re not isolated – the freaks don’t have the field entirely.

    Something that’s really cool this time is that people got the joke. There was a lot of inventiveness in the signs. Smiley faces with hitler mustaches, one guy had a sign with “hitler, not hitler” side-by-side comparison pictures. There were matching signs of colbert and stewart alternately pictured as uncle sam and nazis. The crowd response really did look fantastic. And I dare say – the spelling was excellent.

    Hmm. My cat is trying to get into a hard drive box. She isn’t going to fit.

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