Nov 12, 2010

Pure Poison Podcast – November 12

This is the first in what we plan to become a weekly feature here at Pure Poison, a podcast with Jeremy and I discussing things from the last week  here on the blog, in the wider media

This is the first in what we plan to become a weekly feature here at Pure Poison, a podcast with Jeremy and I discussing things from the last week  here on the blog, in the wider media and a bit of random stuff from the web.

You can download the podcast or listen to it online at our Podbean page.  Update: You can now download directly into iTunes.

We welcome your feedback and of course any discussion of the topics covered in the podcast.

Show notes, November 12.

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21 thoughts on “Pure Poison Podcast – November 12

  1. savvas jwnhs

    Whats great about this is that I can work and listen at the same time!!

    Yes, my job is not that mind concentratingly strenuous. :))

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  3. Cuppa

    Hey, Dave and Jeremy,


    Please check your inboxes.

  4. Cuppa

    [Widen your audience appeal. Relieve your station of some of the tired old cookie-cutter right-wing seat warmers and give these guys a shift. ]

  5. joe2

    It worked well. Not as well as Andrew and Steve- those guys are pure genius at MTR-you understand, but it worked. Maybe you could get some patsy to interview and not give a chance to get a word out. Tony Windsor might be ready for another workout. Extra points if you get him to hang up again and more bad puns please.

  6. peter de mambla

    Love it, guys — well done. Didn’t know you guys could be so witty! 🙂

  7. Dave Gaukroger

    podrick, I’ve seen one link from the sidebar go a bit wonky, so I’ve reset it and it seems to be working now.

  8. Marek Bage

    That chap with the choirboy voice and private school lilt certainly makes for interesting listening.
    Perhaps next week he could do selected readings from the works of William Blake with Tagliatelle’s Adagio in G minor as background music.


  9. podrick

    Dudes the links on the weekend thread arent working. Maybe you have been hacked by some right wing tractorist.

  10. quantize

    Nice work guys, enjoyed the tone and I’ll definitely be subscribing via iTunes!

  11. Jeremy Sear

    You know what? I reckon “Creation” sounds pretty bland. Call me “elitist”, but for my money the ABC Classic FM listeners made better choices in their top ten. Even if they did leave out Agnolotti and Tortellini.

  12. podrick

    I bet the mystery beeps were the seatbelt not engaged warning from an all bells and whistles tractor.

  13. Dave Gaukroger

    Thanks Cuppa. Jay, I will reveal the source of the mystery beeps next week, but I can assure you that Jeremy wasn’t gaming, we both gave all of our attention to the podcast.

  14. Ross Sharp

    That was no goddamned microwave, that was a goddamned tractor!

  15. Jay

    Nice. It even picked up the subtleties of mouse clicks (was Jeremy gaming?) and what sounded like a microwave going off in the background!

  16. Matthew of Canberra

    Now you’re talking! (no pun intended). I look forward to listening on tha weekend.

  17. surlysimon

    OK I shall have to time travel back to 2003 and listen

  18. Dave Gaukroger

    iTunes is part of the plan, but for today, at least, we’re podcasting like it’s 2003.

  19. surlysimon

    Are you going to pop it into iTunes?

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