Actually, we should have an individual thread for the Victorian Election.

Two stories from tonight: one, the state Liberals are suing Labor over a dodgy advertisement in which the ALP describes some actions of Mr Baillieu’s eponymous former real estate company, after he was no longer a director that would have been somewhat dubious if he still was. They say “it’s factually correct”, which is completely ducking the Liberals’ criticism – that it makes defamatory imputations that are not correct.

Not that the ALP hack who authorised it, Nick Reece, would ever do anything dodgy

Secondly, the news that both big parties are promising stamp duty cuts in an effort to woo ill-informed first home buyers who haven’t thought it through and don’t realise that such cuts will simply increase the price of houses and give the investors against whom they’re competing at auction more equity with which to outbid them. The Liberals’ one gets a damning endorsement:

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria has given its tick to the Coalition.

Yeah, and the land rats only want what’s best for the victims on whose suffering they profit.

Anyway, yes – there’s a state election in its final week. Let’s discuss it here.

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