Technical problems banished, a brand new segment that is quite possibly a world’s first, and, of course, Dave and Jeremy chewing the fat about things that have caught their attention this week. We’ve got Apartheid, #twitdef, undercover boss, muppets, and plenty more this week, so please give it a listen and then tell us what you think here in the comments.


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Show Notes

  • iPad owners ‘selfish elites’
  • Miranda Devine channels Grandpa Simpson.
    What starts out as a discussion of #twitdef turns into random bits of trivia about the apparent journalistic bias that’s everywhere else in the media.
  • Undercover Boss, a ‘reality’ show about overpaid bosses pretending to be lowly workers and rewarding the good and punishing the bad – corporate propaganda packaged as entertainment.
  • Caveat Online Emptor – excellent piece of journalism from the NYT on an online merchant who deliberately rips his customers off because the more they complain, the higher Google ranks him and the more suckers find him.
  • Google responds

Theme music for the Pure Poison Podcast performed by Dr Frankenstein and appears on the album The Cursed Tapes.

  • Intro – Theme for “The Mad Thinker”
  • Outro – O Cérebro do Morto
  • Theme song for “Compliments for the litigious” – Emergency Exit
  • UPDATE: Arianna’s 1973 retort to Greer –

    The Female Woman - Arianna Stassinopoulos

    Every bit as silly as the title suggests.

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