There’s this thing on the internet called Wikileaks, and we’re talking about it. As well as that there are spies, doppelgangers, maths, #twitdef and more.


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Show Notes

That weird column by Bolt using Wikileaks to bash Rudd – where he tries to make clear that he agrees with Rudd thinking he could speak candidly in private, he agrees with what Rudd said about China, but he doesn’t agree with Rudd saying something different in private than in public, ie diplomacy.

The Wikileaks bunker! James Bond stuff.

Matthew Franklin’s assessment via twitter.

That US merchant treating customers badly to improve his google ranking? Now that people have heard about it, authorities and companies are suddenly competing to punish him.

Junglist in the Punch as a Christian disowning the ACL.

#twitdef – Julie Posetti’s lawyers respond.

And Chris Mitchell takes it up another notch.

Separated at birth?


An image might work where words have failed:

Theme music for the Pure Poison Podcast performed by Dr Frankenstein and appears on the album The Cursed Tapes.

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  • Theme song for “Compliments for the litigious” – Emergency Exit
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