The bodies are still being recovered, and at least one News Ltd columnist is already trying to capitalise politically on the Christmas Island tragedy:

Blood on their hands

Resign, Julia. Your laws, and you were warned. And when you – yes, you – were warned 14 months ago that at least 25 people, by my count, had drowned already…

…the deaths of so many people, lured to their doom by her laws…

Repulsive. Ghoulish.

And yet, in his own words, “so utterly, utterly predictable”.

UPDATE: I don’t know what time’s National Political Editor Malcolm Farr published a post to The Punch asking Who’ll blink first and score points off Christmas Island? but at least the answer was conveniently close to home.

UPDATE #2 (16/12): Farr isn’t alone at News Ltd. He’s joined by Jack Marx, writing a spectacular comeback to the vicious (now joined by Miranda Devine) that passionately puts them in their place:

There are few postures quite as serpentine as that of the bully who disguises his cruelty as some kind of love. Sadistic teachers of old were fond of it – the furrowed brow and fraudulent look of regret as they caned you “for your own good” – and the history of xenophobia is rich with creeps who dolled up their barbarism as a humane sympathy for the very people they sought to oppress. The asylum seekers who drowned off Christmas Island last night had barely taken their last breaths when such ghouls began riding their waterlogged bones, boastfully declaring the tragedy a vindication of their own contemptuous beliefs, their allergy to foreigners camouflaged behind a sick exhibition of concern for the very lives they couldn’t give two $#@&s about.

Snap. And read the rest.

My advice, by the way, if you happen across a physical copy of today’s Herald Sun in a cafe: DO NOT READ THE READER COMMENTS. If you wish to retain any optimism for the country, anyway.

UPDATE #3 (16/12): With Bob Brown throwing Bolt’s resignation call back at him, News Ltd tries to minimise the damage from its columnist’s display yesterday by tinkering with the history a little. In its new order, it’s not Bolt who charges in yesterday afternoon with a foul call for Gillard to resign while the boats are still in the water – it’s the refugee advocate who’s “leading the attack”. And Bolt waits a decent period before beginning: “Andrew Bolt was even more strident this morning…”

See? Sounds much less repulsive and ghoulish in that order.

UPDATE (19/12): Ah, the Opposition waited until the weekend to try to make political capital out of the tragedy.

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