And the “no, really, we care about the refugees, we really do (but not to the extent of making it easier to process their applications before they get on a boat)” concern trolls over at News Ltd’s blog of shame come up with what they apparently have convinced themselves is A Geniunely Noble Offer:

A promise, made to spare lives: no gloating if Gillard gives in

…If we care for the boat people being lured to their deaths by Labor’s policies, we should promise Julia Gillard not to vilify her if she recognises her mistake and reverts to the policies of the former Howard Government…

It does stick in the craw, though, that to encourage Gillard to save lives we must salve her wounded pride. Still, saving lives come first.

Oh, aren’t they generous? All we have to do is adopt their nasty, selfish, destructive worldview, and their inhumane anti-refugee policies, and they’ll restrain their sniggering. Like The Australian on the weekend – they’ll happily give the Labor Party a fair go, if it just goes back to aping the Liberals on everything.

Well, thanks for your kind offer, guys, but no thanks. See, the thing is that you haven’t “won” this argument at all. Screaming for people to resign because you’ve decided to blame them for a tragedy doesn’t make it their fault. Comment threads full of your cynically mis-informed and partisan sheep vigorously agreeing with each other about how the people who disagree with them ARE REFUGEE MURDERERS doesn’t make it so, either.

And be honest: it’s obvious from your conduct that you’re not interested in saving refugee lives. You’re interested in making the refugees go away so you don’t have to think about them (and if their lives are lost in some distant hell-hole where you’ll never find out about it, so much the better). That’s why you bash them as “queue jumpers” and pretend that they’re somehow really rich and fortunate and that’s why they’re on leaky boats rather than flying over on planes like the vast majority of applicants, all those with the option, in fact, clearly do.

You’ve discovered a way you can convince yourselves that treating refugees inhumanely is, perversely, the kindest thing for them – but it’s garbage, and the logic of the bully and the thug.

Tell you what: if your noisiest mouthpieces would stop encouraging people to take unnecessary risks at sea by shouting near and far about how “easy” it is to come here under the Labor government – even though it bloody isn’t, and Labor treats the refugees only marginally less badly than the Liberals did – we’ll offer to stop deriding them as spiteful idiots who do this country a huge amount of damage.

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