This is how the ABC reported yesterday’s release of the NBN business case. Two stories, and the headlines reveal the heavy angle:

Obviously, both those lines are Turnbull’s attacks on the plan. The ABC journo (whoever it was) had to put something up quickly and, hell, the Opposition already had an opinion…

As a commenter at Poll Bludger angrily complained:

Program Date: 20/12/2010
ABC Service / Network: ABC Online
ABC Recipient: Audience & Consumer Affairs
Subject: NBN will be ‘no nirvana’ for cheap broadband
Your Comments: I am outraged by your pro-opposition reporting of the NBN story today. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The 160 pages of detailed costing and stated assumptions with references to respected industry and ABS statistics is relegated to barely a footnote.

Rather, you repeat verbatim the unreferenced, unsourced obviously political rhetoric of the opposition in over 80% of the article. You should hang your head in shame at this pathetic reporting on a nation building initiative supported by the vast majority of Australians.

I hope this looks good on your CV to Rupert Murdoch

They have a point. Is repeating Opposition talking points the best analysis the ABC can offer? Seriously?

(Via Cuppa.)

ELSEWHERE: Check out the hilarious photograph The Australian picked to illustrate its NBN bash.

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