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Jan 2, 2011

Where else but Capricornia?

It's not the Australian media, but it's about Australia AND IT'S FUNNY so here it is: the UK Daily Mail's representation today of

It’s not the Australian media, but it’s about Australia AND IT’S FUNNY so here it is: the UK Daily Mail‘s representation today of the Queensland floods:

Capricornia – nonexistent one day, major state the next.

First they’re afflicted by floods – now the entire north of the state has apparently seceded!

I mean, seriously – what was the source of that image? Where would one get a picture of Australia with Queensland divided in two in the first place?

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20 thoughts on “Where else but Capricornia?

  1. Philip Machanick

    Isn’t Capricornia the bit that doesn’t do daylight savings because the curtains would fade?

    @Mark Nettle: would that be “secession” as in forming a new country? Or maybe a new planet? I can’t imagine a state would be enough for him.

  2. Nameless

    Hah! That’s nothing! The “Daily Mail” used to support Hitler. And I’m not making this up:
    Daily Mail is basically a poxy tabloid bigoted extreme conservative rag of fancy bog roll. (I understand if the last comment doesn’t go though, but hey, it’s worth a try).

  3. g4ms

    two states to be in they say
    Queensland and pissed

  4. Holden Back

    It’s definitely a state of mind.

  5. Brizben

    Originally the colony of Qld was to be 3 separate states but NSW wanted to keep the fertile Northern Rivers section. So the northern border of NSW was moved north and Qld became one state, as we see on maps today.

  6. daz

    Didn’t Scott and Charlene move to Capricornia back in the 1980s?

  7. Bob Gosford

    Xavier Herbert will be toasting us from his grave – and Bob Katter will be lining up for 12 extra Senators. The more the merrier I say! Some time in the dim past there was an administrative unit of South Australia (?) known as Centralia – I am not alone in thinking that it would be an entirely appropriate entity to revive…

  8. jules


    I haven’t seen the map you’re talking about, but I have a copy of the Australian Constitution and one of the introductions mentions NZ as one of the states that would make up the Commonwealth.

  9. Sean

    Is it just me or is Sydney also too far north on that map?

  10. Puff, the Magic Dragon.

    Interesting link, Ihyzz.
    See that map showing New Zealand as part of Australia?
    Has anyone checked the paperwork on that one? Are all the ‘i’s dotted and the ‘t’s crossed?
    It is possible they are still part of Oz. 👿

  11. marce

    Doi, or I could’ve read lhyzz’s link.

  12. marce

    @Dean My best guess is someone mistook the Tropic of Capricorn as a state line.

  13. Mark Nettle

    Probably comes from Bob Katter. Nth Queensland secession is part of his policy platform isn’t it?

  14. Captain Obvious

    Ahhh Capricornia…Beautiful one day…under 10 metres of water the next.

  15. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    This feeling in my heart must be joy.

  16. Dean

    I’ve tried, but I just cannot find a map that’s even remotely similar to that one… It boggles the mind where they got it from…

  17. heavylambs

    This means that the colonial-secretary,after an appropriate period of consideration,has at last granted statehood to Capricornia. God Save The Queen!

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