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Jan 31, 2011

Cryptic cross words

I'm trying to figure out quite what the hell

I’m trying to figure out quite what the hell this post on is actually about:

Wait until they get around to Jaffas

Not just bigotted [sic] but ignorant:

The writer at Rupert’s site then quotes these lines from a story about a Greens councillor objecting to Coles mislabelling fruit as “product of Australia” when it’s actually imported:

The government crackdown comes after a (Greens) Sydney City councillor, Irene Doutney, and individual consumers reported on extensive evidence that Coles was mislabelling fruit.

Ms Doutney said that at Coles Broadway, ”Fruit such as Jaffa red grapefruit, which other shops have correctly labelled ‘product of Israel’, is being labelled as a ‘product of Australia’.”

Mr Cooper said activists with a “pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli” bent had tried to apply pressure on Coles over its purchase of Israeli products.

To which the writer, a News Ltd editor named Andrew Bolt, responds by telling “Doutney and her Greenshirts” that Jaffa red grapefruit are also grown in other countries, so there, and concludes “But I guess to this lot, all Jaffa oranges look somehow Jewish, just as all Jews look somehow guilty, right?”

Um, what?

I can’t see anything in the story – or the reader tip-off – that contradicts the claim that the oranges were being mislabelled, which is all Doutney is quoted speaking about. Does Mr Bolt not believe in honest labelling of products? Does he see no problem with “made in Australia” being tacked onto imported fruit?

And, if his greater point is that he dislikes the Greens’ criticism of policies of the government of Israel, then could he make it honestly and stop pretending that they’re attacking Jews? Surely he’s intellectually capable of distinguishing between criticism of a government and hatred of the people who live under it.

Or does he take personal offence every time someone criticises the Gillard government?

PS “Greenshirts”? He really was on a Godwin bender last week, wasn’t he?

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10 thoughts on “Cryptic cross words

  1. Brizben

    Yeah Bolt and co do more to promote the extremist causes they say they detract from than the so called “leftists”, building up castles made of sand just to knock them down.

  2. Duncan

    “..mislabling of produce steals from our local farmers.”

    I never buy imported fruit or veggies Briben, for exactly that reason.

    Mr Cooper (Coles rep.) says “Coles always seeks to ensure all products in our stores are clearly labelled for customer convenience and to comply with all mandated requirements.”

    But then goes on to say that activists of a “pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli” bent had tried to apply pressure on Coles over its purchase of Israeli products.

    He then insisted: “Any allegation that fruit is being deliberately mislabelled to avoid action from pressure groups on political matters is ridiculous.”

    So who exactly, apart from Mr Cooper himself, has made this allegation?

    Bolt does has a link to Ms. Doutney’s blog, but for some reason it isn’t a link to her press release about the topic in question (which doesn’t mention Israel, except in relation to where the offending fruit was grown), instead it’s a link to a blog post from April last year discussing the Israel-Palestine situation (which contains no mention of fruit).

    So, as far as i can see, the only people linking this to Anti-Semitism or to the boycott of Israeli produce is Bolt himself, and Coles Rep. Mr Cooper.

  3. Brizben

    I wonder where the “Product of Australia” sticker was applied?

    Australians are notoriously patriotic and mislabling of produce steals from our local farmers. If it was a mistake then the guilty party should receive a warning, correct their mistake and say “Sorry wont happen again.” But if the practice continues then the guilty parties should be charged.

  4. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    This is about the Boycott Divestment & Sanctions for Palestine movement, which is in solidarity with people who happen to be muslim – ergo Andy Bolt will be against it by default.

    The Israeli government sees BDS as part of a worldwide campaign of “de-legitimization” of Israel and more broadly of a renewed wave of global anti-Semitism. Israel meanwhile sees nothing unusual or problematic about its occupation of and expansion into the occupied territories.

    The “wait until they get around to jaffas” nonsense may be an attempt at humour on Andy’s part, though he may also actually believe activists in their irrational hatred for Israel will go on to boycott the perrenially favorite sweets because of the name.

    Ultimately this is about Andy’s fantasy of being the last of the “civilised” against the “barbarians”. That someone like Andy, being so averse to factual discourse, considers himself a bulwark of civilisation is both amusing and kind of scary at the same time.

  5. Lee Harvey Oddworld

    To The Hun‘s other hasbarist, Alan Howe, the Egyptian revolution also comes down to — you guessed it — Israel.

    Though he’s repeatedly claimed for Israel moral superiority insofar as it’s the only democracy in the region (not true, and Israel’s democracy is manifestly dysfunctional), he suddenly questions the value of democracy in Egypt:

    The world understands Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak corruptly keeps government and that some of his people are illegally repressed. But that draconian rule has kept Egypt stable and its Islamic core under control.

    But wait, Alan, didn’t you used to say (as a means of claiming Muslim support for Israel’s aggressive policies), that Egypt supported Israel in such campaigns as the Gaza War? Oh, wait, that must’ve been just the “corrupt” and “repressive” Mubarek:

    After losing wars with Israel, it [Egypt] decided to join the modern world in accepting that country’s right to exist, even if Egyptian Muslims still see it as an enemy.

    And now, with Egypt on the threshold of sweeping reforms, Alan sees nothing positive. In fact, he sees Armageddon (with alarm? or glee?):

    It goes without saying that an Egypt led by Islamic theocrats would attack Israel, unleashing god knows what.

    Most likely the obliteration of hundreds of thousands of Arabs, methinks.

    Howe’s short piece on the Egyptian Revolution manages to mention Israel five times. It’s based around Sayyib Qutb, an eccentric Islamic philosopher inflated by Howe to Marxian proportions. Qutb despised the materialism and ungodly aspirations of the West, but from all his scribblings Howe manages to find just one quotation :

    he once wrote that jazz was “music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy”

    We can all agree that that’s offensive. But while I don’t wish to defend Qutb in general, such sentiments were common to writers of the early to mid-20th century, including many I suspect whom Howe hero-worships.

  6. Matthew of Canberra

    I spent a bit of time googling to try to work out if it was possible for jaffa oranges (a.k.a. “grapefruit”) to be correctly labeled a australian-grown. Theoretically, they could be grown here, and we’re occasionally listed as a source, but I can’t find any evidence (online) of anyone who does. But that really doesn’t mean much.

    I thought the story was about correct labeling of australian produce. Jaffa fruit (whatever you call them) is apparently closely associated with israel because of its cultivation history. “Jaffa” is also an israeli trademark, and it’s only used elsewhere under license. So it would tend to stick out if it’s labeled as australian produce.

    Whatever the councillor’s opinions about israel, or whatever the reason for focusing on jaffa oranges, it seems to me that the whole thing can be sorted out very easily just by coles making sure it uses the correct labeling. If they’re grown in oz, then label them thus. If they’re not, don’t label them as grown in australia. It’s pretty simple. Then let people decide for themselves if they like the grapefruit/oranges (I’ve never had one – I’m not a big citrus fan, but they do sound like they’re probably quite nice, with a sweet flavor and very small seeds).

    On the other hand … I’m no expert, but I do get the impression that Jaffa oranges/grapefruit/whatever are a popular target of pro-palestinian groups. I only know this because of the videos that perth chappy posted. His obnoxious “first fruits” video started with a protest at a local supermarket that was carrying jaffa fruit.

    Speaking of which … hey, he’s been convicted!

    Sentencing is today, apparently. I’m curious to see how that goes. I’m also curious to know what he’s convicted for. Straight up I think there’s more to it than just a bit of racial vilification – he punched the kid in the video, and there was a bit of rumor and scuttlebutt about some threats. 7 counts suggests there’s something to it.

  7. Eponymous


    I really don’t know what to say about that. What in God’s holy name is he talking about? Is he just getting lazy? It looks like a drunken swipe to me, a haymaker broadly at his enemies.

  8. Cuppa

    He’s making all these Godwin-type slips lately. Is there something Blot is bottling up inside.

  9. monkeywrench

    I had the misfortune to see him babbling to Karl Stefanovic this morning on Channel 9. I have never seen such a performance of faked laughter and pseudohumour in my life. I think someone has told him he has to lighten up. The effect was in the same vein as Tom Cruise’s legendary turn on Oprah.

  10. quantize

    More cowardly gibberish from the Boltverse™

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