The following smear of hypocrisy works much better if you don’t click through to the link that contradicts it:

But the Left won’t vilify Gillard for locking up more children than Howard

But the “refugee” lobby that so vilified John Howard says almost nothing against Julia Gillard:

JULIA Gillard is locking up more than 1000 children in immigration facilities, beating the Howard Government’s “cruel” record

Problem with that link is that it includes the following quote from that very refugee lobby:

Refugee advocate Pamela Curr said the Gillard government was “no better than the last”.

“The PM announced last year that children will be released from detention. I can tell you I understand four unaccompanied minors have been released,” she said. “I want to know when it starts.”

He’s resting a lot on that “almost”, isn’t he?


This did not happen

No, go on Andrew, we don’t mind. Ignore the evidence that contradicts your line – certainly don’t share it with your readers – and pretend she said nothing at all. Why let facts get in the way of a good smear?

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