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Feb 1, 2011

Technical difficulties

As some of you have guessed, Pure Poison has been experiencing some technical difficulties via the Crikey server going, in technical-speak, bung. We're sort of back online

As some of you have guessed, Pure Poison has been experiencing some technical difficulties via the Crikey server going, in technical-speak, bung. We’re sort of back online now, although not entirely: some content (including, hopefully, comments) is still being revived.

We apologise for the reality being much less exciting than the wild, good-natured but speculative theories that have brought twitter to a standstill.

UPDATE (2/2): I’m not completely giving up hope, but it looks like we might have lost all the comments that have not so far reappeared to The Great Crikey Server Disaster of 2011. Those of you who participated in those special times, those who laughed, who cried, who bared their souls – please at least take comfort in the memories of what you shared. No server crash could ever rob you of those moments, all the more precious for how briefly they shone. All of us who knew them are better for the knowing.

Farewell, comments of late evening 31st January to mid-morning 1st February. We will miss you. Always.

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16 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

  1. RobJ

    Did you forget a smiley Rich Uncle Skeleton? I enjoy Angra’s posts. Keep ’em coming Angra.

    “So nothing of value was lost.”

    It’s a blog, where we have a debate and a rant and let off steam… 😉

  2. fractious

    Dear Mr & Mrs P. Poison

    Thank you for filing your claim for comment loss with us, although we note pages 944-1205 of annexure M are missing, and we cannot help but reflect on the fact you were 11 minutes late with your annual premium payment. We would also remind you that forwarding someone else’s first born as part payment may render your policy void.

    Nevertheless we have now assessed your claim, and we must inform you that regrettably** the comments lost were not in fact “comments” in the sense of the terms described on page 2243 of the PDS, nor were they lost in the technical sense set out in Section D (page 4771) of the “Ezy-Guide – How To Install your Policy”. We should also point out that your office is located in an area deemed a Comment Black Hole by Council on its maps as updated 3 minutes ago – the PDS makes it very clear that it is your responsibility to inform us of all such significant changes to the premises that may, or may not, affect the policy, preferably before they happen so that you may continue to enjoy your insurance policy with its easy wipe-clean surface.

    We are therefore delighted** to forward you a cheque for $0.00.

    ** Note – the use of words such as “regrettably” and “delighted” are not to be taken to mean, imply, hint, allude to or suggest any truly felt emotion. We just put them there because it fools some hapless idiots and makes the letters look nice.

  3. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    I’ve heard all that was affected were 23 consecutive comments by Angra.

    So nothing of value was lost.

  4. Barry 09

    Blame rupert Murdoch , he hacked the system to stop the truth getting out. i thought the headline was about the IPA story tale on the Drum , left a comments this morning and still nothing , not one reply ???????????? Maybe waiting for the fuel industry bloggers to enter some back up comments ?? Rupert’s ABC.

  5. peter de mambla

    Thanks for that. 🙂

  6. Dave Gaukroger

    Peter, we’re lucky enough that Luke from Crikey gets to stress about these things rather than us. It was broken, now it’s not, that’s all we really know.

  7. Dom Ramone


    Who do you think owns skynet? Certainly not us dirty lefties …

    … although, apparently Teh Left hates people (love the trees) so maybe skynet was a leftist plot to get rid of people and return earth back to its mother …?

  8. Cuppa

    So it wasn’t part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to silence independent voices such as Crikey?

  9. peter de mambla

    @ 2

    But seriously, what was the reason. I’m a budding techie, see. 😀

  10. Dom Ramone

    LOl @ skynet!

  11. peter de mambla

    @ 5

    Nothing to see … move along, now … back to sleep.

  12. Klaatu

    “Why did the server go bung?”

    I think it was the work of the Bilderberg Group in association with the Heartland Foundation and the lluminati.

    If you thought the Da Vinci Code was an entertaining work of fiction . . . wake up. It was a documentary !

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  14. peter de mambla

    If I were a techie I’d know what that means. But don’t think that’ll keep my imagination in check! 😛

  15. peter de mambla

    Why did the server go “bung”?

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