As some of you have guessed, Pure Poison has been experiencing some technical difficulties via the Crikey server going, in technical-speak, bung. We’re sort of back online now, although not entirely: some content (including, hopefully, comments) is still being revived.

We apologise for the reality being much less exciting than the wild, good-natured but speculative theories that have brought twitter to a standstill.

UPDATE (2/2): I’m not completely giving up hope, but it looks like we might have lost all the comments that have not so far reappeared to The Great Crikey Server Disaster of 2011. Those of you who participated in those special times, those who laughed, who cried, who bared their souls – please at least take comfort in the memories of what you shared. No server crash could ever rob you of those moments, all the more precious for how briefly they shone. All of us who knew them are better for the knowing.

Farewell, comments of late evening 31st January to mid-morning 1st February. We will miss you. Always.

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