There’s a by-election being held in Broadmeadows today.

Apparently nobody really cares what the people of Broadmeadows think, however, because coverage of it today here in Victoria is next to nonexistent. The ABC has nothing that I can see. Likewise The Age.

Of the three, only the Herald Sun has bothered covering it.

It might be the safest Labor seat in the state, but it’s still Victorians electing their representative in Parliament. Surely news organisations shouldn’t completely ignore it.

If you lived in Broadmeadows and relied on the state media, you might not even realise the bloody thing was on.

ELSEWHERE: The Australian Family Lobby (disclaimer: I’m a founding member) has published candidates’ responses to a questionnaire on family issues.

UPDATE: The ABC now has a story on McGuire’s likely win, and Antony Green advises that they have a section dedicated to the results.

It just wasn’t linked from the main page, and didn’t come up on a search, when I wrote this post earlier this morning.

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