You’re not going to believe this, but after a week or so of hysterical scaremongering from the Coalition and the Murdoch Press – THE CARBON TAX IS GOING TO EAT YOUR BABIES – Labor has received a terrible result in The Australian‘s Newspoll:

According to the Newspoll survey last weekend, 53 per cent of voters say they are against the government’s plan to combat global warming with a carbon price that puts up the cost of gas, electricity and petrol.

What a neutrally-worded question!

Whilst certain commentators have – completely unpredictably and we’re sure reluctantly and carefully after many hours of considered, sober contemplation and reflection – declared that this represents THE END OF THE GILLARD GOVERNMENT, we suspect Pure Poison readers might have a more nuanced view.

We also suspect that those numbers will change when the Government actually releases the detail of its plan and can start defending itself against the shameless hyperbole from the Coalition and its cheerleaders.

PS Under a carbon tax, we hear you will have to pay 40% more to read this blog. Have they no shame, etc.

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