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Apr 1, 2011

April Fools’ Day pranks

Do our national media still have a sense of whimsy? Are they still publishing in the newspapers and putting up on their websites silly stories on April Fools' Day for our amusement?

Do our national media still have a sense of whimsy? Are they still publishing in the newspapers and putting up on their websites silly stories on April Fools’ Day for our amusement?

Please share the funnier ones you’ve seen in comments.

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34 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day pranks

  1. JT

    I thought Steve Fielding was one altogether miles-way-too long April Fool’s joke.

  2. RobJ

    Yeah, I had my suspicions, but going on his track record it’s actually believable. So good effort on Fielding’s part..

  3. confessions

    The Fielding thing is a joke perpetuated by Senator Fielding. He at last shows he has a sense of humour.

  4. SBH

    Why thank you Jeremy, but you left off Simon who brought it to our attention.

  5. SHV

    And further:

    Matthew Franklin

    Just for fun.

  6. Jeremy Sear

    SBH @25

    An April Fool’s Day joke about someone complaining about April Fool’s Day jokes? Very meta.

  7. returnedman

    I nearly shat.

    We’re used to that. Seems to flow forth from you on a regular basis on this site.

  8. Brizben

    Brisbane Times ran a story on a plan to bring floating ‘Amphibuses’ to Brisbane. Why build more expensive bridges and cross river tunnels when we can get amphibuses?

  9. dam buster of Preston

    Father Bob in Melbourne was going to open a drive thru confessional:
    Nice – Even sucked in the Catholic News. Nothing like a bit of make believe.

  10. surlysimon

    You of course you know about comedy, your side of politics is one huge joke.

  11. Skiman

    @16 – either that or defending the truth…

  12. Skiman

    @16 – either that or defending the truth…

  13. Aldaron

    I am SOOO hoping that this one is a prank…

    If it’s not, then the world has truly turned upside-down!

  14. SHV

    “New study casts doubt on ‘confirmation-bias’ effect.”

  15. Captain Col

    Hey guys. There’s a cracker of one right here. Some bloke called Jeremy is actually defending the Greens.

    Laugh! I nearly shat.

  16. margbozik

    I thought this was an April Fools Day prank published a day early but it seems it is not…

    World’s first flying fox into croc den

    If it’s for real, it should keep the NT News in stories for years to come.

  17. confessions

    Holden Back:

    Whaaaat! You mean that article is meant to be serious?


  18. The Magical Liopleurodon

    The Greens have one, extending daylight savings across the entire year to boost solar power exposure.

  19. Daniel Bond

    Saw that one, confessions. The greatest myth of them all is that anyone is advocating the strawmen that article attacks.

  20. Holden Back

    Oh confessions, refer to Simon’s comment @#4

  21. Shermozle

    Fantastic enhancement from the makers of the AdBlock extension for the Chrome browser:

  22. confessions

    Here’s one from the OO: ‘8 myths of a carbon tax’.

  23. dendy

    John Faine did one this morning – not terribly funny, but plausible and so all the more effective. He reported moves to reduce the speed limit across Melbourne to 40 kph and an absolute speed limit of 80 kph. He had someone from the Transport Urban Research Department and a spokesperson with an equally improbable name.

    He managed to suck in the mayor of Port Phillip and had lots of “Nanny State Gone Mad with Political Correctness” messages and calls.

  24. Daniel Bond

    There’s also a story on Page 10 of the NT News about BBQs requiring permits when the carbon tax comes in. I can’t find the article on the web, but the print version directs you here for more information.

    Never change, NT News.

  25. Daniel Bond

    Here’s the NT News story.

    Sadly, the Gippsland Times don’t appear to have updated the Front Page on their website since Friday

  26. Simon

    every day is April Fools Day for some newspapers…

  27. Angra

    But it is hard to tell with the NT News, with another story today about the Attack of the Giant Suckerfish.

    This bit’s classic NT News –

    “But the lagoon remains notorious for fish bullies, headbutting, tail-slapping, sucking and rubbing against swimmers, after last week’s attack. Ms Goodall said she was in awe to witness the attack. “Cathy was swimming a few metres behind me, and then she started screaming, she said.

    “I asked what was going on and she said someone was grabbing her.

    “So I went under and saw this fish just ramming her. Darwin Waterfront Corporation marketing manager Alana Young assured swimmers fish were not attacking but “nudging”.”

  28. Angra

    The NT News has a good story about a new high-speed monorail being constructed in the NT.

    “A MONORAIL is to be constructed between Noonamah and Darwin, as part of a $176m plan to boost Darwin’s ‘green’ credentials.

    The project, which will be funded by the new federal carve-up in GST revenue, is set to be completed by 2015 and employ a local workforce of up to 2500 people.

    Chief Minister Paul Henderson revealed the bold plan yesterday, saying it would “revolutionise the way the city commutes”.

    “As a small boy, I loved trains… so it gives me great pleasure to announce that Darwin will be getting its very own monorail,” he said.

    The initial plan was for a highspeed train reaching speeds of up to 395k/ph, however lobbying by Police Chief John McRoberts saw that rejected, with the approved model limited to a top speed of 130k/ph.

    Mr McRoberts initially opposed the entire project, saying it would “negatively impact on the speed camera safety program”.”

  29. groverjones

    The Gippsland Times has the entire front page dedicated to the proposal to erect a retired oil rig in the middle of Lake Wellington (which is about 1km square) as a tourist attraction, along with comments from Mrs Moaner and Ima Green.

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