Please excuse a second post relating to the Greens in as many days but, to anyone who thought there were limits on what falsehoods the professional media could publish, this is extraordinary.

News Ltd’s The Punch – edited by David Penberthy – has not only failed to retract the demonstrably untrue claim he made yesterday that the Greens “chose to direct preferences to the One Nation founder ahead of the ALP” at the recent NSW election (still up this morning) – it has now gone and published Mark Kenny repeating it:

Indeed it may yet squeak home in the final upper house seat – edging out Pauline Hanson which the party had mystifyingly preferenced ahead of Labor, to its enduring shame – and is still something of a chance in Balmain.

STILL NOT TRUE. The Greens did not preference Hanson above Labor.

Why are they still publishing it? Do they think they can just brazen it out without consequence? Is the aim to have that filthy little nugget sitting there so they can refer to it down the track as “evidence” of the falsehood it proclaims? What disturbing allegations will they outright make up against the Greens next? Will the Press Council in any way police this, or is the biggest media company in the land now free to just openly lie about political groups it wants to see “destroyed”?

ELSEWHERE: Meanwhile, the Weekend Australian goes all out to try to crush the influence of anyone in the Greens who could be called “left”.

UPDATE (4/4): Kenny’s piece has been silently edited – no acknowledgement that there’s been a change on the article itself, but in David Penberthy’s extraordinary I WILL NOT RETRACT MY FALSEHOOD! AND I WILL PRETEND I SAID SOMETHING ELSE (which is also not true but more arguable)! effort this morning, he mentions the major change in passing:

Usually a professional media organisation includes a correction notice when it fixes a significant error like that, Penbo.

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