Check out the incredibly tenuous link used by famed defamation defendant Andrew Bolt to attack a citizen who protested at Parliament House about an environmental issue via his unrelated job:

Murray was one of five green activists who ommed into the foyer of 1 Treasury Place – home of the Premier’s office – and chained themselves to a ladder they happened to have on them.

This was an activists’ version of a hissy fit to get what they weren’t entitled to, which in this case was an instant meeting with Energy and Resources Minister Michael O’Brien.

Okay – protest, side of argument that Andrew doesn’t like, portraying opponents as children, par for the… oh, I see! By portraying Murray like a tantrum-throwing child, Bolt can make it sound vaguely like pointing out that he’s a teacher – and naming where he teaches, I’m sure not with any intention of affecting his job at all – is in some way relevant. And not a transparent attack on the man through his livelihood that had nothing whatsoever to do with his protest:

I’m sure even Northcote High, where Murray teaches, has rules like [ignoring or punishing tantrum-throwing children].

I wonder if Mr Murray will find himself with a black mark with his boss as a result of this negative reference to the school via its staff in the Herald Sun? I’m not saying, to use an expression beloved by Mr Bolt, that he was deliberately seeking to use his prominent position in the media to cause Murray harm in his professional life out of spite. I’m just wondering whether that will be the – completely unjustified – result.

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