Because this site developed from the original Blair/Bolt Watch Project, we’re aware that there’s a bit of a sense that, although we now cover many other media figures, if you want a response to something asinine that the extremely prolific Southbank Jester has had published in the Melbourne tabloid, this is the site to look for it. And we do, distasteful though it is, keep an eye on the extremes of his output, and just what sort of damage it’s doing to the public discourse, so that you don’t have to.

Consequently, you might be expecting us to watch and report on his new television show, commencing this weekend.

Well, to be frank, it’ll be Mothers’ Day, and we’ve got much better things to do than watch Mr Bolt, Mr Abbott and Mr Kroger give each other tongue baths between ad breaks. So we’re not going to. If you want to debrief with others who’ve endured the horror, here’s the thread to do it – but we’ll leave the actual watching of it to you.

Sorry, but there is a limit to how much we can endure. You understand, don’t you?

UPDATE (10/5): Advertisers are apparently pulling out already.

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