The Herald Sun’s chief climate scientist, Andrew Bolt, is at it again. Of course, by “it” I mean grasping at straws and making overreaching assumptions.

Blame the ocean, not the emissions

Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place to explain some of the changes in the climate, admits one of Europe’s top institutes for marine science.

The basis for the Southbank Jester’s claim is the august scientific publication laughably named climate change skeptic denier (what are they calling themselves now?) blog NoTricksZone. What brilliant insight has been provided? Why, highlighting parts from a press release that you think supports your argument of course.

If only the press release was about climate change, or emissions, or was “admitting” anything.

Let’s take one step beyond the “research” proffered by the Southbank Jester and look at the article in question.

Oceanographers from Kiel document the effect of equatorial deep currents on West African rainfall.

So, not exactly a “climate change” paper then? In fact it’s talking about a very specific set of deep water currents, surface temperatures of the tropical Atlantic ocean near Africa and rainfall. As for discussion of greenhouse gas emissions, not one single mention.

The way that Bolt has presented this is simply another piece of obfuscation and misinformation, once again leaving readers less informed than they would otherwise be. But if Andrew is interested in discussing the role oceans play in the climate change puzzle perhaps he’d like to ponder on why ocean heat content keeps rising?

ocean heat content graphed over time

Or why observed sea temperatures seem to match up with the climate models that make predictions based on human produced greenhouse gas emissions?

ocean warming models

Or perhaps he’d prefer to stick to parroting nonsense from discredited bloggers whose own observations contradict their predictions?

The Herald Sun has its priorities in order. Higher power bills are front page news:

hun (1).JPG

The underlying cause of those power bills? That’s best left for page 4:

hun (2).JPG
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