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May 27, 2011

Weekend talk thread – May 27-29

The weekend is only hours away so it's time to slip into a fresh open thread. To help keep you away from the lawnmower here's a few tidbits.


125 thoughts on “Weekend talk thread – May 27-29

  1. SonofMogh

    revolutionary, down to 101,000 in the morning.
    He gets 178,000 in the afternoon, but probably picks up a lot waiting for the 5 o’clock news to start.

  2. revolutionary

    Monkeywrench @ 108 :

    No. And if I read this correctly, you will struggle to find anyone who did :

    I can see an entry outside the top 50 for the ‘encore’ episiode, but nothing for the 10:00 show. Does this mean he rated even lower than 123K?! Ouch…..

  3. Phil M


    “Apparently she earns more than Glenn Beck.


    Yes, but Glenn Beck and the rest are against AGW, so it’s ok for them to use energy. If you support it, you are supposed to advocate cave life and de-industrialization of the west. It’s hypocritical to say and do otherwise.

  4. SHV

    Thanks Captious – read it now and spotted that.

    And what about that rich fat bastard, Michael Caton telling us we can’t use ‘carbon dioxide’….? What? Oh, I see, he’s a bit too like “one of us”.

    Of course, we can’t go after the ocker bloke in the ad. Best keep it to the “elite” looking “actress” who makes “$52million a year”.

    Luckily the hard working journalists who slave under the 24/7 news cycle are able to check that figure and confirm it. That way we can compare it to the “Forbes” 100 celebrity list and see that she earns less than Donald Trump, Dr Phil, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld.

    Apparently she earns more than Glenn Beck.


  5. Brizben

    I like the way climate change deniers like to hassle people about the aviation fuel issue, if they truly cared about the aviation fuel issue they would be hassling people that can make a difference, like airlines and aviation fuel suppliers.

    Lets hassle an actor for not being an industrial chemist.

    Personally I think it is more effective to find a good cause and support it. For example there is a “Green Hornet” running on 50/50 biofuel:

  6. silkworm

    Bole is repeated in Sydney at 4.30pm just before the news. I turned it on accidentally and watched for a moment. It was mildly interesting, but I got put off by that horrible red glare. What is he thinking? Anyway, if I want to know what was on Bole, I just watch the news.

  7. Matthew of Canberra

    “And Matthew – AGW chatterers?”

    Yep. The facts stand on themselves. It’s not necessary for ministers to turn up a copenhagen with an entourage.

    “I can tell you that your run-of-the-mill academic travel is on the cheapest tickets and a Holiday Inn is often the best it gets.”

    Yep. Been there. Done that. But cheap tickets still consume just as much jet fuel as expensive ones. More or less. I’m not talking about the luxury – I’m talking about the emissions.

    “Catching a plane is a necessary hassle.”

    I personally detest traveling for work. I hate it. I traveled long distances on the public dime before getting jack of it. Very rarely did I get anything out of that personally. I quit a job and told a large consulting company where to shove it, over having to travel for work. Been there. Done that. I hate it. So … why do so many people line up to travel? People who probably don’t really need to? AARNET’s got bandwidth laid on. Why not phone it in? It’s technically possible. Probably even easy, if somebody put in some effort to standardize the gear. A department could buy all the equipment it needed for big-screen conferencing for the price of two tickets to copenhagen.

    “It is also necessary to find a GLOBAL agreement to limit our emissions.”

    That doesn’t require that everyone in the world be in the same room together at once. And then the same people be in another room on the other side of the world all at once. And so on.

    “The whole meme of trying to paint people who are successful or who catch a plane as hypocrites is only about manufacturing doubt”

    I agree. But it’s still a bad look for lots of people to be flying all around the world to talk about how bad it is for everyone to fly around the world.

  8. Cuppa

    It’s pathetic that Abbott needs all the boosting from the media. What a lightweight.

  9. Shinsko

    Mathew of Canberra,

    Sometimes I agree with him about this line. I also think it’s hilarious that AGW chatterers like to jet around the world to chatter about emissions. Apparently they like to do it a lot. I agree that’s a bit conspicuous. I would have thought that, at least for the sake of the optics, they’d be trying to reduce the numbers required for that particular task (which is, unfortunately, at odds with the perk-structure of being an academic – they money is crap but you can get to travel). So I’m with him there. Not that it necessarily affects my views on the science itself

    I’m sorry I really take issue with this particular irrelevant furphy that Bolt likes to spread. And Matthew – AGW chatterers?

    I can tell you that your run-of-the-mill academic travel is on the cheapest tickets and a Holiday Inn is often the best it gets. And far from being a perk, most conferences make more work for the participants and take them away from research and other commitments. It’s a whole lot different from an infrastructure funds management conference at an Austrian ski resort (like my brother went on)(ski 5 hours, catch the afternoon session)

    Catching a plane is a necessary hassle. It is also necessary to find a GLOBAL agreement to limit our emissions.

    The whole meme of trying to paint people who are successful or who catch a plane as hypocrites is only about manufacturing doubt – it has nothing to say about the rules of physics or chemistry.

  10. Matthew of Canberra

    The bole report is an advertorial. I just watched a bit he linked from his blog, and it’s basically a campaign ad that’s following the same rules that drug companies have to follow. They can’t say “viagra” by name, but they CAN tell you to see your doctor about “men’s issues”, with a few nice pictures of couples on the beach at sunset.

    So he can’t say “vote for the liberals at the next election, if not before, if not rise up in revolution and … never mind”, but he can paint every single issue in an (ever so misleading) picture that leaves the stupid concerned voter with no possible choice. From now until the election, it’s going to be a dot-point campaign for tony abbott. And not one single episode has to be declared as a donation.

    He used the word “deceitful” an surprising amount in this week’s episode. I thought that was apt. I can’t explain why, though, because the principle of free speech, so lauded in NEWS circles, is only really applicable to people who have the hun’s and ch10’s legal department to enforce it. Suffice it to say that anyone who thought this weeks’ segment about the AGW report was informative or enlightening would be very sadly mistaken. Still, that is the demographic.

    AB’s reporting promises to inform in the same way that those 3AM infomercials promise to make you look like arnold schwarzenegger in just 6 weeks, or your money back.

  11. Cuppa

    Progressive Talk Radio KRXA – Think For Yourself: Listen Online

  12. Adam Rope

    Confessions @ 100 – my thoughts exactly when I saw the Torygraph’s headline on TV this morning.

    “Millionaire tells Aussies to pay up” – so exactly the same perspective as the reports on the super profits tax then.

    Oh wait……………..

  13. Cuppa

    [Anyone watch Bole this morning?]

    Ha, very funny. Let the Bole stew in his own Bile I say.

    PS: When do the networks screen a left-wing show for “balance”? Never know, they may pick up a huge audience.

  14. captious

    @SHV 102
    …looked like it came straight from the recent $2million study (funded by the catholic church) by John Jay College

    Yep, Stephens refers to that study at the top of that piece. Seems to me it’s almost a cut-and-paste of the John Jay study with his own hyperbole plastered on top. Apart from anything else, I find this hissy fit from Stephens…

    I suppose I should no longer be surprised by the self-righteous cynicism and seemingly wilful ignorance of the media when it comes to reporting on Catholic affairs

    … a bit peculiar from the religious and ethics editor of a major media channel. Stephens apparently also does a good line in petulant, self-serving whining.

    More retorts to Stephens’ diatribe:

    (as Benson points out, the John Jay study that Stephens eulogises was commissioned by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops).

    This ravaging of the John Jay report by Miranda Celeste is very much on the mark, Stephens ought to have read it:

    For anyone interested, Scott Stephens’ article is now on the ABC religion & ethics blog, where comments are open.

  15. SHV

    Speaking of News Ltd, TV distortion and such. This is a great article:

    …”The problem wasn’t that ratings had been slipping that much—Beck’s show declined by 30 percent from record highs, but the ratings were still nearly double those from before he joined the network. It was that, with an actual presidential election on the horizon, the Fox candidates’ poll numbers remain dismally low (Sarah Palin is polling 12 percent; Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, 10 percent and 2 percent, respectively). Ailes’s ­candidates-in-­waiting were coming up small. And, for all his programming genius, he was more interested in a real narrative than a television narrative—he wanted to elect a president. All he had to do was watch Fox’s May 5 debate in South Carolina to see what a mess the field was—a mess partly created by the loudmouths he’d given airtime to and a tea party he’d nurtured.”…

    Shame the Australian franchise has no such qualms. Although the article suggests Ailes thinks Palin is “an idiot”. Wonder how Mitchell feels about Tony.

  16. monkeywrench

    RUS actually means Australians as a whole, not just himself.

  17. Rich Uncle Skeleton


  18. monkeywrench

    Anyone watch Bole this morning?

  19. quantize

    News Ltd pretending nothing’s wrong in the Coalition, you wouldn’t even know the party is divided if they were your only news source…they’re too busy working up climate denialists and business…

  20. Cuppa

    Hanging out for another Pure Poison Podcast…

  21. Cuppa

    The “Say Yes to a Price on Carbon” Week is underway.

    … Culminating in “Say Yes” rallies in capital cities on Sunday 05 June.

  22. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    News Ltd are running opinion pieces about Cate Blanchett and the carbon tax as news. Stay classy!

  23. Nutsnbolts

    Correction – Labyorteaux “marred to an Albanese” should rightly be “married to an Albanerignal”.

    More ironing to do I see.

  24. SHV

    Dave and Captious,

    Haven’t read either piece yet. But, that quote Captious used looked like it came straight from the recent $2million study (funded by the catholic church) by John Jay College which determined that the cause of widespread child abuse in the church had nothing to do with priests’ celibacy, exclusion of female priests or even (astonishingly) pedophilia (!!!) – No, the study found that the child abuse was caused by feminism and the ’60s “hippy” culture.

    Obviously somebody learned their talking points.

  25. Nutsnbolts

    Forgive – I’ve been doing some ironying – and I can’t get those damn collars straight!

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