Some bad poll results for the Government – the ABC’s lead?

Abbott Blames Policies For Labor Slide

Well, duh, of course he does! He’s hardly going to give any credit to a relentlessly hostile commercial media or his shamelessly dishonest Opposition, is he? If only Labor refused any real action on climate change, like we do, and was even more dementedly hostile to asylum seekers, then they’d be fine!

Why can’t the ABC lead with the results themselves? And, when they quote the parties’ responses, for balance, get a response from the Labor side? (Presumably the Labor response is: they’re polling low now because people are believing the lies from the Opposition about what the carbon price will entail, but when the policy is actually released their scaremongering will be shown up for the pablum it is.)

Memo to the ABC: Tony Abbott’s automatic dislike of government policies is not exactly headline-grabbing news.

ELSEWHERE: Melbourne Labor MP Michael Danby wants the almost 1.5 million Australians who voted Greens to have no representation at all in the House of Representatives.

UPDATE: Well, that’s good to see. The ABC has realised that its headline story was a bit silly, and needed some revision. Let’s see what they’ve come up with:

Yup, thank god they updated the picture.

UPDATE #2: You’ve got to love the Herald Sun‘s preposterous diabolical cackle cover:


Elsewhere on, the “rolled” becomes “why I knifed Rudd“, as if Gillard had used those ridiculous words about herself:

I bet they searched really, really hard for a shot of her stroking a white cat…

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