Two articles from the last few days about the Greens; one from Fairfax, one from News. Which one actually made you think about Greens policy? Which one added to your understanding of them?

  • “Jack The Insider” whinges that the Greens don’t invite the media into their conferences;
  • John Birmingham explores the mindset of the Greens and notes some of their more controversial policies that are never debated. (The stupid headline is not his fault.)

I did love how in JTI’s piece he completely dismissed Rhiannon effectively agreeing with him, that it’s something they should consider revising. It doesn’t matter if the a prominent Green seems to agree with me! That doesn’t suit my attack at all! I’m going to pretend that they never said that (even directly after quoting it)!

Also, it’s funny that those calling for more “scrutiny” of the Greens are also those who oppose their participating in election debates, isn’t it?

ELSEWHERE: Lee might’ve been willing to agree with Uhlmann and JTI, but I’m not convinced she should have.

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