And the weekend’s here! Also, if you have small humans of your own, the school holidays. And apparently there’s skiing, unless you’re a “warmist” and it would somehow be hypocritical for you to enjoy the snow. (No, that doesn’t make any sense to me, either.)

I was going to write a post about the third and silliest #trollday effort yesterday – an hilariously stupid piece by Steven Kates published by the ABC Drum suggesting that the “inane, juvenile left” was going to cause a “Dark Age to descend”, based on the fact that the sensationalist media is obsessed with Charlie Sheen and Anthony Weiner’s penis (those obsessions are lefty obsessions?) and that there’s “a larger and growing proportion of Americans” that believe there should be some redistribution of wealth towards the poor. Which for some reason will be like the fall of Ancient Rome from anti-Senate emperor Commodus onwards. Seriously – mad stuff, but it kind of satirises itself. (Why the ABC published it; that’s the real question.)

So I’m not going to bother with that one. The other thing I was going to point you towards was this interesting biography of Rupert Murdoch that was linked in the Crikey email the other day, filled with revealing little insights like the news that apparently young Rupert, in the 1950s, was a big fan of Lenin and the Russian Communists. Weren’t his papers recently bashing Lee Rhiannon for daring to have parents who’d had such views about that time?

Other than that, I’ll leave you with another fine weekend Open Thread. Oh, with one more link: this list of first world problems to pity. “I accidentally clicked iTunes and had to wait two minutes for it to open before I could close it again”. “My laptop is low on battery, but the charger is over there.”

May all your problems be first world ones. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Medieval world problems.

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