Just because his output is voluminous, that doesn’t mean that we need to leave the comedy stylings of the Southbank Jester, Mr Andrew Bolt, distracting from sensible debate and discussion in our open threads. Sure, like a five year old, sometimes the things he comes out with are quite hilarious and worth a wry chuckle or two; but, also like the outpourings of a five year old, they do have a tendency to derail adult conversations.

Maybe they should move it to Saturday morning to compete with the other children’s programming.

So we’re going to have a weekly #lolbolt thread (to go with the #lolbolt section on the podcast) where those in the mood for watching monkeys making fools of themselves can be amused; and where those who remain astonished that three commercial media organisations would make sport out of such tragic buffoonery can feel reassured that it’s not the whole world that’s gone mad.

And our open threads can once again concentrate on adult political debate.

Enter this thread at your own risk: as with the Cut & Paste Trophy post, you know the sort of madness that will get featured in here.

UPDATE: Yes, Andrew Bolt, faux advocate for “the battlers”, really published this “from a typical reader”:

Funny – why would Mercedes-driving apparently overseas Alpine-holiday taking “elites” be such enthusiastic readers of someone dedicated to standing up to them on behalf of ordinary Australians?

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