This is totally not the fault of the hysterical polemicists who’ve spent the last six months screaming that Julia Gillard is a LIAR who is going to DESTROY THE COUNTRY and must be RUN OUT OF OFFICE, but here are two revealing exhibits from the respective big party leaders’ speaking engagements today.

First, the Prime Minister, confronted by a woman who just keeps calling her a “liar” who’s “lying” about “not lying”:

What lovely abuse dressed up as a question. She might as well have asked Gillard “Why are you the worst Prime Minister ever? Why do you hate everyone in this country? Why are you planning on selling old people to glue factories?”

Anyway, you’ll note how polite Gillard was to her and how no-one bundled the woman from the vicinity whilst abusing her. In contrast to the incident where a young woman who showed up at a Tony Abbott “community forum” was hounded down the street by Liberal supporters:

Greens voters aren’t members of the community!

It’s almost like there’s some kind of pattern in right-wing behaviour at the moment, isn’t there? It’s almost as if the validation from shameless partisan shock jocks has made them comfortable indulging in the fantasy of being some kind of oppressed people who are therefore more than entitled to abuse anyone who could be described as “left”. The level of hysteria, of self-righteousness, of completely unrealistic persecuted victimhood… it’s getting well beyond what we’re used to seeing in this country.

Another reason I get worried by all the News Ltd published comments that talk about how it would only take one Labor or Green MP… leaving… to force an election.

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