So what sort of coverage would we expect of Malcolm Turnbull giving a speech on climate change, given its potential importance to the carbon tax debate?

Well there’s an AAP report on Adelaide Now

At the Australian there’s coverage of a report that says sea level rises are decelerating, but nothing about Turnbull on the front page or ‘National Affairs’ section.Screen Shot 2011 07 22 at 10 36 47 AM

The Daily Telegraph is preparing for a Tony Abbott to do some blogging this afternoon, but no sign of Malcolm.
Screen Shot 2011 07 22 at 10 38 24 AM

The Herald Sun seems to have missed Malcolm’s Speech as well, with even the Southbank Jester declining to mention it.

The question remains, do you know what’s going on in the world, or is your News Limited?

Update: As Mondo points out in the comments, Bolt did mention Turnbull’s speech in an update to a post about the CSIRO.

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