The Australian has been busy misrepresenting scientific studies again. Tim Lambert shines a light on the story.

The Australian’s War on Science 65: Stuart Rintoul misrepresents a scientific paper : Deltoid

Phil Watson, Team Leader of the Coastal Unit in the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water was probably pleased when The Australian’s Stuart Rintoul asked to interview him about his work.

..So I’m guessing he wasn’t too pleased when Rintoul’s front page story about his work claimed that “Watson has written a report stating that global warming is not affecting sea levels”

Your article has misrepresented our Mr Phil Watson’s research paper by saying that “global warming is not affecting sea levels”. This is untrue and misleading and it is not what Mr Watson told your journalist.

Do you think that The Australian printed this letter?

Of course not.

Instead they repeated the misrepresentation in an editorial



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