You might have heard today about a couple of rallies by the far-right in Canberra. There was one by the anti-marriage campaigners (that News Ltd mysteriously calls “pro-marriage” despite the fact that their stated sole aim is to stop consenting adults they don’t like getting married), and there was one by the anti-Labor, sorry, anti-“carbon tax” groups, riled up by talkback radio and bused in by those same groups.

Greg Jericho has more shots of the rally on his yfrog account, including this hilarious sign blaming Gillard for floods.

And apparently giving some unhelpful shout-outs to 2GB, which is busy claiming it was only there to report, you know, like objective journalists:

Shhh! Ixnay on the nisingorgay! We’re officially just here as observers!

PS: Barnaby Joyce on marriage equality:

Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce said his four daughters would be affected if same sex marriage was allowed.

“We know that the best protection for those girls is that they get themselves into a secure relationship with a loving husband and I want that to happen for them. I don’t want any legislator to take that right away from me.”

Does he think some of them are closet lesbians who might be tempted to marry another woman if the option were available to them? Really? Or does he think that men will just give up on marrying women if the option of marrying men were available? Would he?

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