I don’t follow Miranda Devine on twitter. I’m not trying to be dismissive, or sound cool, when I say that, it’s simply a fact. The reason that I don’t follow Miranda Devine on twitter is because at some time between “rogering gerbils” and now she blocked me from doing so. So it’s only because someone retweeted her that I saw this appear in my twitter feed last night.
Also, hatetweeps, your illiteracy is showing. The word is drivel, D-R-I-V-E-L, not dribble.
Now this caught my attention, because I’d actually referred to one of her columns as “… a rambling, inconsistent, incoherent dribble.” just the other day, could she be referring to me?

I decided to see what google had to say.
Miranda devine dribble

Maybe Google’s missed something, or people on twitter also decided that ‘dribble’ was a great word to describe Miranda’s column, but it didn’t seem unreasonable to think that Miranda might have been referring to me. I have mixed feelings about that.

Firstly, it still surprises me a bit when I’m told that some of the people we write about on Pure Poison have read our criticism, it’s nice to know, even though they rarely engage with us directly. But I’m not particularly comfortable being labelled a “hatetweep”.

I object, strongly, to a lot of the writing that we critique here on Pure Poison, I think that many of the arguments are wrong headed and some of the presentation is disingenuous, but I don’t hate the people making the arguments. Everyone from my childhood parish priest to Yoda has warned about the effect of allowing hate to cloud your thinking, and I’d like to think it’s a lesson that I have learnt and made a part of how I react to the world. I don’t like what you say Miranda, I think much of it is ridiculous, but I don’t hate you, how could I? I’ve never even met you.

I was reminded today that Miranda was one of the commentators who promulgated the term Howard Haters for anyone who disagreed with any policies of the Howard government, so perhaps I shouldn’t take the “hatetweep” label to heart, but I think that it highlights a problem in our present discourse that I tried to discuss a few weeks ago. There’s nothing to be gained by painting our opponents as evil, or trying to whip up hate when trying to diminish an opposing viewpoint.

So Miranda, if I was the “hatetweep” whose “illiteracy is showing”, there are two things I want to make clear. I don’t hate you, and I did mean “dribble”.

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