Pure Poison Icon Continuing its tradition of calling truth to non-power, the Herald Sun has apparently appointed itself arbiter of what private citizens may communicate with each other on twitter – sarcastic jokes ARE RIGHT OUT – and whether they should be permitted to continue being employed if their words, taken out of context, would offend Outraged of Brighton:

Sack this man

DEPRAVED tram driver [X – the Herald Sun gives his name, Pure Poison isn’t convinced it’s appropriate] should be sacked from Yarra Trams.

He has already been given more time to explain himself than he deserves after posting grossly offensive images and racist remarks on the internet.

“Grossly offensive… and racist remarks on the internet”, eh? What does that remind me of?

Oh yes – the many such comments by News Ltd readers published by News Ltd and regularly recorded for posterity on our Cut & Paste Trophy threads.

Much of what they write makes this tram driver’s efforts look like conversation at a Royal garden party by comparison.

Is News Ltd going to start matching IPs of its commenters who post offensive or racist – and, as we’ve seen, violent – comments on its sites and demand they be sacked? After all, it’s already got a jump on the competition in finding them. Imagine the scoops Wayne Flower could write!

I’m just glad we have a prominent tabloid digging through private citizens’ online opinions in order to find people who should be silenced, punished and thrown on the dole. That’s what free speech and freedom of the press are all about.

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