Pure Poison IconMiranda Devine has defended her weekend opinion piece today:


THE reaction to my column last week pointing out the perils of a fatherless society is a case study in how intimidation, vilification, distortion and outright lies are being used in an attempt to silence unfashionable opinions.

Oh Miranda, no one is giving Dads a kicking, Dads are great, I should know, I am one. What everyone is upset about is the fact that your article linked the pregnancy of Senator Wong’s partner with the type of social decay that causes rioting and looting.

The column was respectful of Finance Minister Penny Wong and her female partner, who is expecting a baby, and stated that “love conquers all”

Yes Miranda, you were quite respectful to Senator Wong, but can you explain why if she and her partner will be:

“fine mothers” providing their baby with “a stable, loving upbringing, despite not having a father in the home.

that the same “love conquers all” mantra can’t equally apply to other non-traditional families?

It’s a pretty straight forward question Miranda, is Senator Wong’s family situation emblematic of the disastrous “fatherless society” that you fear or not? If it is, then your ‘respectful’ comments are about as believable as someone declaring “I’m not a racist, but…” before embarking on a diatribe about refugees.

If Senator Wong and her partner bringing up a child isn’t a part of the “fatherless society” problem, then why mention them in the same column at all? Because I’m pretty sure it was the linking of these two topics that caused the outrage that appears to be upsetting you.

Miranda, no one is advocating broken families, everyone agrees that a stable, loving relationship between parents is important for children. What your article implied is that people in homosexual relationships couldn’t provide that type of environment, that’s what everyone is up in arms about.

There’s a very simple way to defuse this situation without name-calling or further misunderstanding Miranda, just let us know whether or not you think that gay couples can provide the type of loving environment needed to bring up children. Not just Penny Wong and her partner, but all gay, lesbian and transgendered people. Because that’s what’s at the heart of all of the anguish that has come about because of your article.

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