Andrew Bolt

Aug 31, 2011

Pure Poison IconAndrew Bolt’s article today is potentially the largest collection of weasel words ever assembled in one place. There’s innuendo, guilt by association and victimhood, all neatly packaged up with a new attack on a PM who Andrew is ideologically opposed to.

Bolt’s attempt to link News Limited’s decision to pull a story that they admit contained inaccuracies and the media enquiry proposed by the Greens is pathetic.

Whether Gillard specifically mentioned the threat of an inquiry in her “multiple” calls to News Limited executives I do not know.

I suspect that you’d need to dig a pretty big hole to bury all of the things that Andrew Bolt does not know, but feels free to speculate about.

… it appears as if she pulled strings and, with threats of inquiries and forced sales left hanging in the air, sought to shut down a debate.

It appears as if The Australian pulled a story because they realised that they would have had no grounds to defend themselves if a defamation suit was brought against them, and now Bolt is making excuses for them.
Now the victimhood:

Not being able to report on what I consider improper pressure by a desperate Prime Minister to kill a story meant I could not report fairly on the political scene as I saw it.

So ringing the Editor in Chief of a newspaper that has published falsehoods about you is improper pressure? I wonder how far down that principle applies?

… I asked her about attempts she’d made to shut down debate over the past few days and whether she’d discussed in her calls to Chris Mitchell an inquiry into the media.

It’s funny how Andrew is so keen to have discussions with the PM, while his colleagues at the Australian didn’t see any point seeking comment on Milne’s now discredited article.

I was under instructions not to comment on this myself, after I wrote about it on my blog on Saturday, until further legal advice was received.

And yet on Monday he quoted Milne’s article at length. Who would have thought that could lead to problems?

The questioning of the PM’s judgement is completely disingenuous. Andrew fails to explain how Gillard should have made a judgement about the character of a person based on information that even he concedes she was unaware of. By Andrew’s logic, every woman in Australia who’s ever had a relationship with someone who turned out to be a dickhead has questionable judgement because of their inability to know this before hooking up. It’s complete and utter nonsense.

This whole sorry episode has nothing to do with free speech, if anything it looks like News Ltd trying to see how far they could push before the Prime Minister pushed back.


72 thoughts on “Slinging mud while screaming “Free speech”

  1. jules

    I’m actually wondering if And has read that book by dead tripper Robert Anton Wilson. The one where he talks about a particular Pope, whose name I forget.

    Anyway this Pope was very unpopular and according to the author anyway he was hated his political enemies. All over Rome Graffiti appeared saying “By September so and so will be dead/gone” and by June/July it was everywhere. The pope got sicker and sicker and by the end of September was nearly dead, however within days of October starting was back to his previous good health. He left the graffiti up to remind him of his foolishness. Apparently he died the next September tho after getting sicker and sicker and more and more scared all summer (Their summer – june onward).

    On the plus side I’ve noticed he actually has more of his own content in his posts. (Still sweet FA compared to all the other trollumnists, but it just serves to highlight how little he was actually doing recently.) I wonder if all the comments about his posts -being 90% other peoples work with a headline and a line to set the comments up are getting to him.

  2. Matthew of Canberra

    jules @67

    It’s a bit rich to describe what gillard said as “lashing out”. That’s not lashing out. THIS is lashing out:

    Fixing to give land away

    Yes, the Rudd Government is stacking the court. The new Chief Justice removes all doubt that he’s of the Left – with all the Left’s disdain for principles that stand in the way of their I-know-better dreams …

    … The fix is (coming) in.

    The Chief Justice of White Australia

    Kevin Rudd picked his perfect Chief Justice – a man who believes we should formally divide ourselves by race, with different laws for each …

    Remember when Attorney General Robert McClelland foolishly tried to reassure us that his new Chief Justice was actually a “black-letter lawyer” and no creature of the Left? What is now more worthless: McClelland’s word or judgement?

    And those are just about robert french. He’s got previous form too:

    Chief Justice elects to miss the point

    How astonishing that Australia’s Chief Justice, Murray Gleeson, either doesn’t understand the criticism or misrepresents it …

    … the Chief Justice is getting too worked up about something that really is incredibly easy to solve: If judges don’t want to be tested and chosen as politicians, they need only refrain from acting as them.

    Kirby’s law

    A new book analysing the career of the Left’s favorite judge, High Court Justice Michael Kirby, gives plenty of reason to suspect this is a man who let his political biases overwhelm his duty to administer the law …

    … Again, another polite way to say that he tried to make up his own laws when the voters’ laws didn’t suit him.

    And that’s just the HIGH court. Everyone here is surely aware of AB’s history of letting fly at judges and magistrates who don’t see things the ‘correct’ way. Gillard’s statement, while pointless, is fairly mild by comparison. She’s quite right in pointing out that this judgement overturns practices that have been going on for years. Most notably under the previous government. The only difference between the ‘noble’ howard and the ‘disastrous’ gillard is that howard got away with it. Actually, now I think about it, that pretty much sums up the guy’s term in office. It should be on his headstone, when the time comes:

    He got away with it.


  3. Kym Durance

    the boy is incorrigable — if he is to be believed he is a human lie detector rolled up into the great white hope — not only him but his sycophantic fans – when he dramtically pulled the pin for 24 hours apoplexy was endemic amidst andrews acolytes — then came his whimpering diatribe about free speech and getting picked on – its about time some one told the self styled martyr to come down off of the cross — we need the wood

  4. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    Er, make that ‘cognitive dissonance’. (Blasted speech software!)

  5. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    Cognitive dissidence must be going through the roof at Andy’s place. On one hand they love the High Court because its judgement has discomfited Gillard. On the other they hate the High Court because it has thwarted the urge to clobber asylum seekers. Meanwhile their guru is flailing somewhat wondering what will be the optimum position to take to maximise page views. Give him a few more hours.

  6. jules

    10.51 headline:

    The High Court should just butt out

    3 Hours and 1 minute later:

    Now Gillard lashes out at the Chief Justice, too

    We’ve already seen Julia Gillard threaten media organisations for running articles that threaten her grip on power.

    Now she attacks the nation’s highest judge …


    He criticising her for ding what he did.

    But she was far milder in his own blog than he was. She was criticising the decision based on her past legal qualifications.

    Andy was once again showing how paper thin his commitment to Australia actually is. Not only does he tell the High Court to “Butt Out” – clearly he has little or no respect for the Australian Constitution or the concept of “Separation of Powers” – he has so little respect for our democracy he doesn’t even respect an election. Last month during the London riots he criticised “freedom” in his column (look it up if you don’t believe me).

    Is this sort of unAustralianism the sort of thing we should tolerate in this country? If someone has so little regard for our founding document that he’ll repeatedly disregard it surely they have no respect for our way of life. Does someone like that really deserve citizenship? Surely it can’t mean that much to them if they are prepared to dump on the document that defines it so consistently.

  7. fred p

    If he predicts the same thing enough times I guess he’ll eventually be right. Then all the lap dogs will congratulate him on his amazing super powers and he will humbly accept their praise.

    I think that’s his theory. It’s not like any of his fans will remember what he predicted today come 1 October when Gillard is still somehow PM.

  8. revolutionary

    MoC @ 30 : Love your work. But you left out perhpas his greatest field of expertise, notwithstanding no education in the area at all :nuclear contamination assessment. That went really well.

    Fredp @ 60 : He runs on the “even a broken clock is right twice a day” principle.

  9. Matthew of Canberra

    “Julia Gillard will be almost certainly replaced by the end of September, for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday.”

    I’ve heard it before. It’s due to the political coverage over the christmas break and the time it takes for a new leader to clear the decks and gain traction. Yada yada.

    They might swap her. They might not. I suspect that it wouldn’t help anyway, because their problem isn’t that the PM is crap. The ALP’s problem is that it’s not selling its message. That won’t change just by a switch in the leadership. Particularly not as long as the political coverage insists on regarding itself as more important than the actual politics. I also think dumping another leader won’t wash with actual ALP supporters. Being less reactive would be better.

    It’s worth recalling that bolta’s predicted about thirty of the last three ALP leadership changes. He’s perpetually predicting a change of ALP leadership. Keep doing that long enough and yes, the leadership will change.

    A few days ago he pointed to a story about a labor MP announcing his intention not to contest the next election and sagely nodded ‘I predict he’s the first of many’ or thereabouts. Well D’UH! Everyone eventually retires – even politicians. Yes, there ARE going to be many more ALP MPs retiring. A few libs, too. Maybe even the odd indy. It’s possible that he MEANT to say something worthwhile, but that surely wasn’t it.

  10. quantize

    correction : nose BY

  11. quantize

    [Julia Gillard will be almost certainly replaced by the end of September, for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday. ]

    No, News Ltd will almost certainly continue to openly campaign against democratically elected representatives…that’s the only certainty..that and if the government do change leaders again, News Ltd will continue to campaign against them, utterly irrelevant of whatever policies they implement.

    Any aussie who does not believe public opinion is an old cow being led around by the nose of the MSM echochamber at the moment is a total chump.

    The anger in this country is ALL in the wrong direction entirely.

  12. gtpfb13

    Fredp @60,

    If he predicts the same thing enough times I guess he’ll eventually be right. Then all the lap dogs will congratulate him on his amazing super powers and he will humbly accept their praise.

  13. fred p

    Julia Gillard will be almost certainly replaced by the end of September, for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday.

    I wish he was running a book on his predictions about political matters. Seriously, we all could’ve retired by now. Surely “almost certainly” translates into odds-on, yet I’d hock me grandma for just even money if Bolty was interested.

  14. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday

    Should give him ample time to think up some rip-snorters, but I wonder if he thinks it may have something to do with this.

  15. Brizben

    “It seems he thinks he can actually force the resignation of the Prime Minister”

    If the Labor Party decide to go with a more popular candidate (say Rudd) to increase their chances at the next election it will be spun as right wing victory across the News Rtd empire.

  16. monkeywrench

    Julia Gillard will be almost certainly replaced by the end of September, for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday.

    ….probably because the Doggies have had a stinker of a season again. It’s more likely a reason than anything Bolt has to offer.

  17. podrick

    Bolt claims:

    [Julia Gillard will be almost certainly replaced by the end of September, for reasons I will more fully explain on Saturday. ]

    Another I have ‘something that may or not be true’ from Bolt. It will probably be more rehashed, disproven gossip, but that will not matter to Boltoid minions. It seems he thinks he can actually force the resignation of the Prime Minister and be responsible for a change of government, he certainly loves to claim a major part in Rudd’s downfall. The reality is he is just another turd floating areound in the News Ltd septic tank.

  18. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    The Bolt Report is struggling and Bolt manufactures this pantomime. Coincidence?

    This sort of behaviour might appeal to a certain element of Bolt’s readership who believe they are being actively victimised by society, but to the general public it looks like a childish dummy spit by an immature man. I don’t think it will help his ratings much out at all. It may even work in reverse and cause people to avoid his show in droves because they don’t want to hear another self-serving tirade on how “oppressed” he is.

  19. gtpfb13

    monkeywrench @52,

    From 1996????

    I was howled down over in World of Blotcraft recently for daring to link to articles from 2003 about the lies and deceit of Howard and Abbott.

    Obviously you can only drag up the past to slime the PM and government.


  20. Matthew of Canberra

    julez @46

    Well done, that mysterious artist! 🙂

  21. monkeywrench

    Tim Dunlop at The Drum sums Andrew Bolt up quite succinctly:

    “We can ignore the whining of their baby-in-chief, Andrew Bolt, who has tried to turn the whole miserable event into a story about himself, but it is less easy to ignore comments from News Ltd CEO, John Hartigan.”

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