Pure Poison IconOver the weekend, an “editor” at the Herald Sun calls for riots:

Milne was meant to be on tomorrow’s Insiders. Now he is off the panel for good.

This shutting down of debate is sinister and shameful. Had John Howard tried it, there would be a riot in the Left. There should be a riot about it now.

What is it with the right and violence?

PS “The work being done to close down any scrutiny of Julia Gillard’s past relationship with a conman is downright sinister.”

“Scrutiny”? Of what? What precisely are you alleging she should have done differently? Are you seriously suggesting that she should be damned now for once dating someone who later turned out to be somewhat of a rogue? Are you saying that anyone who’s ever made a relationship mistake has a cloud hanging over their professional judgment? How is that anything other than infantile, debate-wrecking muck-raking?

And how is it “shutting down debate” for the ABC, which is broadcasting a live program where it would be held liable for defamatory remarks made by one of its panelists, to decline to feature one who admits that he’s been told by his employers’ lawyers that a certain claim is defamatory and then publishes it anyway, forcing an embarrassing correction?

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