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The lead story on ABC News right now is a fatuous puff piece crediting John Howard with “saving” a WW2 vet’s life on 11 September 2001 in Washington by virtue of the PM’s office having coincidentally rebooked his flight from one that was hijacked?

The front-page headline acknowledges it was a “twist of fate” but the story’s headline is “John Howard ‘saved my life on 9/11′” and it goes on for 800 words as if Howard had done something more than have his staff rebook Mr Gregory’s flight so the politician could have another photo opportunity with him. As if Howard had invited Gregory back to the bunker in which he was cowering (he didn’t) or had in some way put himself at risk to help another (of course he didn’t).

Back in Australia, Mr Gregory met John Howard again and told him about their fateful encounter.

“He said: ‘Yes, the embassy told me that. I’m glad that happened’,” Mr Gregory recalled.

“We thanked him very much and said we’ll continue to vote Liberal.”


For goodness sake.

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