Sep 7, 2011

ABC: let’s pretend John Howard was some kind of hero

Really? Really? The lead story on ABC Ne

Pure Poison IconReally?


The lead story on ABC News right now is a fatuous puff piece crediting John Howard with “saving” a WW2 vet’s life on 11 September 2001 in Washington by virtue of the PM’s office having coincidentally rebooked his flight from one that was hijacked?

The front-page headline acknowledges it was a “twist of fate” but the story’s headline is “John Howard ‘saved my life on 9/11′” and it goes on for 800 words as if Howard had done something more than have his staff rebook Mr Gregory’s flight so the politician could have another photo opportunity with him. As if Howard had invited Gregory back to the bunker in which he was cowering (he didn’t) or had in some way put himself at risk to help another (of course he didn’t).

Back in Australia, Mr Gregory met John Howard again and told him about their fateful encounter.

“He said: ‘Yes, the embassy told me that. I’m glad that happened’,” Mr Gregory recalled.

“We thanked him very much and said we’ll continue to vote Liberal.”


For goodness sake.


30 thoughts on “ABC: let’s pretend John Howard was some kind of hero

  1. Laura Hampson

    I wonder is you also recall the sale of Schapelle Corby Mr Howard? Remember the CRITICAL EVIDENCE your government hid? Remember the wilful LIES to Parliament and the orchestration of the media against her?

    Don’t worry, Mr Howard, a little reminder is coming, courtesy of some cables your incompetent staff left around:

    You can fool the sheep most of the time, into hating a desperate dying and innocent woman, but the truth tends to catch up somehow. It is about to catch you.

  2. gusface

    john howard saved my life

    on 9/11 i was going to have a crapper but decided not to

    to this day i revere howard for not letting me have a poo

    he iz legend

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    jules @27

    I think we can surely predict that in the future another great threat will rise to frighten our brave island nation, and possibly even the world. Some new, hitherto unknown evil will lurch into view and shake our confidence and challenge our convictions. We as a people will be asked to look deep inside and measure our courage and commitment to the rule of law and yea, even to democracy itself. And the people will elect a representative from their number to rise and ask of our leaders “what shall we do?” And a voice from one side of the isle can be ever relied on to respond: “I blame the foreigners! Lock ’em up!” And the cycle of time repeats.

  4. jules

    Not only could they be on the boats they would definitely fly over the gold coast throwing their suicide bomber children overboard as part of a muslin people smugglers plan to let the unions run amok.

    This is why we had that saying/bumper sticker and all that graffiti saying “John Hunt is a Coward”.

    A PM with leadership qualities and the ability to bring the best out of a nation would have stood up and said the opposite. Would have said:

    “The worst terrorism we have seen has not come from asylum seekers, and while it is within the realms of possibility that there might be terrorists among them who would threaten us, it hasn’t happened anywhere else yet and is hardly a credible threat. It certainly isn’t the sort of threat that would make us give up our national ethic of a fair go for everyone and a haven for people who need it. Such craven behaviour would have be insult to the ANZAC Spirit.”

    and various other bits of compassionate nationalistic guff in that vein.

  5. Matthew of Canberra

    He sat there with a self righteous smirk on his face going on about how he was right to say there could be terrorists on the boats

    One could also claim to be right to say there could be tax evaders and pedophiles in (insert prefered political party here).

    One can say anything could be true. Unless there have actually been some terrorists identified on those boats (and there haven’t), then the suggestion was bogus, and remains bogus.

    They COULD have thrown those kids over the side
    There COULD be WMD stockpiles in iraq
    AWB COULD be operating legally in iraq
    Hicks COULD be guilty according to a free and fair legal process
    Those COULD have been chemical weapons trucks
    That air ticket levy COULD have gone to ansett employees
    There COULD be sufficient security measures in place at sydney airport
    Haneef COULD have been a terrorist mastermind … with a sim card.
    The NT intervention COULD have been more than a land grab.

    And so on.

  6. Lord Barry Bonkton

    JWH saved thousands of under paid workers that day too. Due to slave choices , workers could not afford to buy tickets to the USA on that day that the 3 towers fell down .

  7. fractious

    I’d like to feature prominently on the ABC news website too. So far my story about how my life was unalterably altered (and thus saved. SAVED!!) by driving my car WITHIN 2 KILOMETRES of Kirribilli House when John Howard could have been there or Jeanette was hanging the washing out has not appeared.

  8. AR

    A recent report on some crap source (..ohh, it was Crikey) said that ABC2 & 24 are running on the smell of an oily rag so it should be no wonder that they resort to such pathetic Spakfilla. What’s odd is that it is consistently tory flavoured.
    Some axiom of about faecal sandwiches springs to mind… more bread..sumthin’ sumthin’

  9. jules

    Howard is all over the abc like a rash. He’s such a smarmy little toerag. He sat there with a self righteous smirk on his face going on about how he was right to say there could be terrorists on the boats and that they would would fly planes into the mcg on grand final day while they threw their suicide bomber children overboard.

    Tony Jones didn’t even have the balls to say “You lied about children overboard, said all boat people were a threat and locked people including kids and Australians in detention centres for years, some till they lost their minds. You lied about WNDs and made us aid an illegal war, undid years of democratic protection and workers rights, lowered productivity, made things worse for indigenous people, destroyed Australia’s reputation overseas and were the first sitting PM to lose your seat in an election in generations. The govts Gillard has been a part of have achieved more than you in less than half the time. Its pretty clear that you are actually the worst PM in our history, considering the lasting damage you did to the nations sense of purpose and of self. What do you have to say for yourself?”

  10. zoot

    And don’t forget the fridge magnets; they must have saved thousands of people.

  11. joe2

    It is pretty clear that John Howard should be recommended to the Vatican as the second Australian saint after Mother Mary MacKillop. The first identifiable miracle is at hand and no doubt Howard religous scholars, amongst us, could the recall many other amazing stories of John the Revelator 11; where he cured the sickos and tended to the many Liberal blind.

  12. jules

    I was assuming it would be a fully legal thing following a trial, thats even assuming they still have the death penalty in Iraq. Sorry if it came across differently.

  13. Matthew of Canberra

    “we can thank him for how many deaths in Iraq”

    No, you’re not looking at this the right way. It takes true leadership to save that many people from dying from natural causes.

  14. returnedman


    Eeewww … I think that might be one for the Cut and Paste column – except it’s over here … not really comfortable …

    {We didn’t catch it before it went through. (Thanks random WordPress moderation!) I’ve updated it noting that we can’t publish those sorts of allegations or calls. -Jeremy}

  15. jules

    I’ve got a better idea, lets acknowledge he was {EDIT} and {EDIT – not comfortable with publishing a call to violence}

  16. quantize

    Yeh John Howard…big hero..we can thank him for how many deaths in Iraq?

    And that’s worked out well too right? Let me see, how many of the same ghouls from that era are still in the Coalition..

  17. The Pav

    Jack @12

    LOL but sadly,

    If only his strategy had been limited to that how much better off we would be amd how many young Australian soldiers would still be with their families or at least alive

  18. both kinds of politics

    […] Posted by Chris, on September 7th, 2011 Vaguely Sept-11 related? Felate John Howard? Hells yeah! […]

  19. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    Pav’s right, let’s have no pernicketiness about Mr Howard’s masterful counter-terrorism strategy of rebooking flights of affected individuals.

  20. Chris Tallis

    Yes pav but the balance, will we gat something similar about an ex Labor PM?
    Whitlam saved more than one life through medicare – will the ABC do a puff-piece about his great government saving lives? Not with skid mark scott in charge they won’t.

  21. davkel

    John Reidy @ 6 – that’s not a sentence one often sees…

  22. shepherdmarilyn

    Today the ABC is still prattling about breaking the law to allow illegal push backs of refugees because it is politically wise.

    For fuck’s sake, are their brains entirely dead.

  23. The Pav

    Steady on folks,

    Lets not get to pernickety.

    It’s one of those pointless puff pieces that they need to fill space juts like the Paltrow one.

    We don’t want to be come as pettty as the Southbank Sook do we?

  24. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    We thanked him very much and said we’ll continue to vote Liberal.

    That’s the very least he could have done after the Great Man’s selfless act of selflessness.

    But the Big Question that the ABC failed to ask: Was Mr Gregory considering voting Labor prior to Mr Howard’s heroic act of happenstance?

  25. Matthew of Canberra

    Chris Tallis –

    And let’s all not forget the awesome debt of gratitude we owe the man, for not continuing to be the country’s PM any longer. Every day that he continues to not be the PM, lots of little people can look forward to not being screwed over quite as much. Don’t underestimate it. It’s quite a selfless act, not being PM any more.

  26. Matthew of Canberra

    I think it’s actually satire.

    It’s implying that the his best outcomes were by sheer accident and coincidence. Sort of like forrest gump.

  27. confessions

    Yes, just embarrassing. The ABC looks more and more like News ltd with each passing day.

  28. Chris Tallis

    Once I saved John Howards life.
    I asked him a question that led to him being 30 seconds later in returning to his car. The car then departed the road EXACTLY 30 SECONDS!!1! after a large truck went by. That truck would have flattened his car if it had left 30 seconds earlier!

    I note the he did not thank me at all and has continued to slur my chosen political representatives.

    That’s rightard gratitude for ya!

  29. David Doe

    Typical leftist ABC, always re-writing history to suit their communist overlords.

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